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September 22, 2008


LOL! Yes I was giggling and said Oh Dawn better stop! lol.. But you know I have to try it!! lol... too cute LOVE ITTTT!

Well everything you do I love!

Cool project! I would use used priority boxes, but I'm uncomfortable taking them from the PO just for a craft project, KWIM? But to reuse the boxes I've received is a 2 thumbs up.

Great project Dawn, you are awesome withyour imagination.

One thing I thought of to help the bottom be a wee bit stronger is to use the piece in our DSP (white piece/light weight chipboard) and cut a piece for both the inside and outside of the bottonm and put it on with sticky strip, it will cover the parts of the envie and also be a bit of help to sturdy up the bottom. Just my .02 cents worth ;)

Cute purse box! Be careful not to use it when you go to the Post Office...I think it says right on the box that it's illegal to use it for anything other than sending Priority Mail packages.

Being a tomboy, I am not a big fan of purses, but this is TOO COOL!!!! Way to use that brain, Dawn! :)

Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing as always! Genius

Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing as always! Genius

oops - thanks for the heads-up - someone suggested using the boxes received - I guess the PO won't mind that.

I am so sorry I didn't email you about the box. I'm a retired Postal employee and knew that you were not supposed to do that. I got side tracked and didn't get a chance to email you. Another thing a number of people are not aware of is that you are not supposed to put flyers or things of that sort in your neighbor's mailboxes. Even though you buy your own mail box, nothing is supposed to go in their but mail. Thanks for all you do for us. I love your site.
Sharon C.

WOW Dawn I can not believe all the hub bub about this. Don't we have bigger fish to fry these days like the economy and the up coming election? Well any way I would have sent you a cake with a file in it girl cause I can not live without your ideas and tutorials. You Rock Sister!!

Debbie/Phx AZ

Cute Box and I know some people say not to use it for anything other mail. But can we use one that has already been sent in the mail to us? That would be a great recycle item.Also what about FedEx or DHL I think you may have to pay for them.

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