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August 05, 2008


Oh Dawn, I am so sorry about your dog. Glad to get a recipe for skunk (hopefully I wont have to use it.)

I cant wait to hear more about the big shot and all the ideas and it they will go with our stamps. Yipee!

Dawn, my dog has been sprayed twice in his life by a skunk and I found that the baking soda/peroxide mix works the best to get the smell off the dog.
Thanks for sharing everything from convention with us.

Poor Bowzer. We used tomato juice (not sauce) on our dogs when they got sprayed. It helped a little, but we needed far more than we anticipated. I'll have to make a note of this recipe in case it happens again.

Glad you had a blast at convention. I already have a big shot so it will be nice to have some SU specific dies to use in it along side of the stamps. Thanks for the info on the sale. I enjoyed seeing all the goodies you made for convention.

Your site is such a fun and uplifting experience! I just love hearing you chat each day. TFS

oh, poor baby bowzer......
and, to think it happened just before you left!

glad to have you home and will be even happier to see you this Saturday at our club meeting! YIPEE!


oh Dawn, our little dog got sprayed right in the face by a skunk a few years back. I mean in her eyes, up her nose, it was awful. We did the tomato juice, sauce, paste bit too. We googled the same remedy you posted and now we have a de-skunking kit we carry inour truck!

Sorry about Bowzer. Hope he smell better. Good to see you at convention. I so excited too!!!

Hugs, Sharon

We had the pleasure of using this mixture 3 different times on my beloved German Shepard. (One time it took 3 of these baths to get the smell out) The worst was the spray in the face. I hope that you do not have to go through it again!!

So did the peroxide give Bowser some lovely blonde highlights? Just kidding! My aunt's dog was sprayed once - only a couple of hours before they were leaving on a 12 hour car ride - WITH the dog! Not having time to do anything else, she rubbed him down with several Bounce fabric softener sheets and then tied a couple to his collar for the car ride and it totally worked. By the time they met up with us several hours later almost all traces of skunk were gone. True dat!

Just read about Bowzer and remember when our Nellie had skunk smells...the vet recommended "Scope" mouthwash. It does work and it smells pretty good too. Love your cards as well. Thanks for sharing.

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