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August 16, 2008


I clicked on this video and my 3 yr old daughter started dancing. I wish I had my video camera on. I remember when Elvis died. My best friend at the time had tickets to see his concert the next day. We were 9.

THis is really cute and looks pretty easy. One of my Grand-sons is having a birthday next week. This will be perfect.........but not in pink LOL

Had to add this about Elvis.....we lived in Tennessee when he died, and it was such a sad time. One of the hairdressers from the shop I worked at actually went to Graceland and was there for the viewing.

Gorgeous money holder girlie !!! I remember exactly where I was when we heard Elvis had died. We were having a mini family reunion at my Uncle's home and once we heard the news everyone was just so sad. Kevin still loves to Elvis's music.

Love ya :)

Dawn, thanks for the Elvis video. I remember the day he died - I didn't believe it either. I still love to watch his old movies!!
Have a great day!

Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing the video. My daughter, Nina, who is 9 yrs old loves Elvis. She said you are wicked for putting this on your blog! Have a great day.

I still remember getting a phone call from a girl at school - I was eleven - that I wasn't even friends with, telling me Elvis died. I still think that there has never been a better looking man than Elvis in his prime!

Dawn - Wow! I remember the day so well... I still listen to his music when I do my 2mi walk every day - Burning Love is a great one! Great money card holder too!! But I think Elvis is taking stage here!! ;)

I so remember this day too..He was my main man! I was crushed when he passed away. I am so glad that you do your videos to his music! And the BeeGees too!

Love checking your blog each day!


OH< CUTE CUTE!! :) I ♥ the little butterfly, and your scallops are really pretty too! ☺

I've been stalking your blog for a few weeks now and just thought I would say hello! and also say I LOVE pink and LOVE your money holder. I know what I will be making over the next week. Thanks.

I love your gorgeous money holder, Dawn!!

Great money holder Dawn. I made one yesterday and the ladies in my scrap group just loved it! Thanks for another great tutorial!

here in Netherlands was a memorial night, passing a lot of films of him, on 2 tv channels

by the way , I love your videos !!!

Sandra Douma
(brazilian / Netherlands)

This is a great video! My husband and I have a really large family and this is a great way to give a gift and card that is homemade and you can personalize it for all the different personalities in the family! Thanks for sharing!! I made 3 of them in about an hour!!!

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