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August 10, 2008


FUNNY! It is so wonderful to have the free life of a child. We all should take a lesson from these two and remember to be goofy, silly, and have fun more often. Thanks for the post.

Oh! Aren't they having fun!!! Girls, you are beautiful - keep up the goofiness!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Dawn - this is so funny! they did a really good job with this!

Your house is never dull LOL I love your friend's shirt-they eyes are so real. And the girls are too funny!!! They must be best friends-only best friends can be that silly & dont care who sees them acting that way.

What a riot--we have a couple UTube stars on our hands, don't we? Great job.

OHHH how much fun! lol.. I was giggling and my boys came in to ask Mama what are you laughing at so I had to put it on for them and we had fun watching it :)

Awesome video gals!

That is too funny. Thanks for sharing your video. I really enjoyed it.:)

Hi Dawn!

Thanks so much for brightening up my morning and giving me a giggle with that video! What a riot! As the years go by, that video will mean more and more! You have an awesome family! Have a great day!!!

Debi aka: SassiAngel

Its great to see teenagers acting goofy and having fun, so many try to be so grown up, keep having fun girls and I look forward to more videos to make the rest of us laugh.

so FUN!!! Makes me think about my bestest friend in the whole wide world and just how goofy and carefree we were in high school! Thanks for the great memories :)

That was really cute! Thanks for making my morning fun. They really are quite comical and Love all the different expressions and motions they did. Great job gals and hope to see more productions in the future.
Debi Pippin

LOVE IT!!! Looks like they had as much fun doing the video as we had watching it!!!! What a cute card with one of the new sets.......neat colors too!!

Hi Girls!
Look-out Hollywierd... here they come! That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing. You made my day!!!

That was soooooooo incredible!!!! They did an awesome job and stayed in character the whole time!!! Just too adorable...got to send this to my 2 teenage granddaughters!! I think each of the girls have a future on the stage!!! Thanks for being so entertaining!!!

Hi Dawn loved the video really funny. Also love the card! Hard to tell from the photo/computer screen but do you have another color in there (tango, riding hood red and?) Thanks!

Cute card and fun video! It reminds me when I was younger. May frieds and I were always doing goofy things like that. We loved to Lip Sync to songs all of the time. Thanks girls for showing us!!

Dawn (and Company): This was an AMAZING Video.....I say-Take it on the Road-They were ADORABLE-and how did you ever record that without BUSTING UP. I would have been laughing SO HARD that you either wouldn't have been able to see the video-or you wouldn't have been able to hear the video because all you would have heard was my laughing. Thanks for making and sharing this video with us........made my SUNDAY! Kadie

That is just to flippin' hilarious! I loved it and it made me lol! Thanks girls!

"You're never too old to do goofy stuff" ` Ward Clever

These girls are full of life!

Thanks for sharing - I felt young again just watching them.

You're the best!

What an awesome video. Hadn't heard the song before, but really enjoyed it, esp. with the 2 girls singing it! What fun that must have been!

Your daughter reminds me of our daughter Alyssa. She has a blast with her friends! LOVE the video of them, you can tell they worked hard on this!!! Future stars?!?!

Now, about that tshirt! LOVE IT! Can you find out where it was purchased? We have French Bulldogs/Boston Terrier mix boys. I would love to purchase one of those shirts!!!!!!

Last, but certainly not least I love your posting as usual. I could never leave you out on your own blog you know!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, mine was brightened by you!

Stampin' Smiles,
Ann :)

Tell Jessie---that was too funny and made my day!!

LOL! That was AWESOME!!! Great job girls!

Jessica & Chelsea I loved watching your video; you were having so much fun and I don't know how much rehearsing you did but you were on que; well done.
Dawn you are a great videographer but then after 100 videos of your own you have it down pat.
Gina your t-shirt is amazing. I put my thumb on the photo to block out your head (no offense) and the shirt looks like a real lab. I love labs. We had a black lab(Katie) and now we have chocolate lab named Boston.
Thanks for you postings today and everyday Dawn.

hahahaha - how cute! Yes, it's fun being silly every now and then (well, all the time is better!) wink, wink!

Sandy Kay

Too funny! I loved it. Great expressions!!


Oh my ... wish I'd been there! What a hoot!

The young women are so great and lively. Chelsea is as adorably beautiful as her mom. No kiddin', Dawn. Wouldn't say, twern't so!

Just made me feel happy to watch them. Thanks to all of you!

Jessie and Chelsea were fabulous! It does remind us to have fun and laugh! Life is much too short to fuss with grumps -- just remember this as you age. THANKS

Great video! I love that shirt too! I have a chocolate lab too - love the shirt!
Barb M.

You girls are so funny. You should send your video to America's funniest people (do they still exist?) or even to the show " America's got talent".
You girls brighten my day =). Thanks for sharing. This is what life should be eh? goffy & funny.

That was wonderful!!! The girls put a smile on my face and reminded me to have more fun!!! Thanks, Girls!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Loved the video!!
Dawn, I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog everyday and decided to start my own. You are my inspiration. I wanna be you!

Great job girls! Thanks for making me laugh 'til I cried. Brought back great memories of fun, silly times with girlfriends. Your never too old for sillyness, thanks for the reminder.

What an awesome video! The girls did a fantastic job with this song!!! Your girls rock!!! Daughters have a way of keeping us young especially if their name is Jessica!!!


It was the BEST CLUB night ever w/the new catalog! I had such a great time, wished it could go on forever!

Dale & Ann, I got the shirt on the animal rescue site, with the purchase I was able to feed 42 bowls of food. Here's the website: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive

this is a great video! super job girls!!! and Dawn, I love the pic of you, super cute!

That is SOOOOO adorable!!! They did an awesome job and it's wonderful to see two girlies having so much fun! LOVE that butterfly card!

This was a laugh out loud, roll on the floor riot!
I love Weird Al and the girls did a wonderful job!
Encore {standing up clapping for more}

Love the card ! Love the Video !! Love you !!!!

HAAaaaaaaaa! That was a riot! Very talented girls indeed. So fun! Great projects today, too! Thank for sharing, Faith

My husband made me listen to Weird Al when we were dating, so made him watch the video with me. He was impressed that the girls did the entire song! I really enjoyed watching them have such a great time. Thanks for sharing the joy!

This is funny, now my girls want to make a video too.

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