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August 31, 2008


Happy Anniversary!

Double Congratulations oes out to you today. For you Dawn and Rich for 20 Loving Years and to Jessie & Josh for 1 month dating. How special it is that you both have been friends first before dating. You both put a lot of love into your gifts for each other; this is special.
Rich you truly are an amazing man and you have a wonderful lady as your wife. BIG HEARTS.

Happy anniversary to both the happy couples! God is so good! Enjoy a blessed Lord's Day!!! I'm off to get ready for Sunday School & Church - 2 baptisms today - so neat!

Happy 20th Anniversary, I hope you have a great one, and we can all see you have been blessed with a wonderful family....have a great day.

Happy Aniversary! Jessie & Josh what sweet gifts to give each other.

Congrates on 20 years! My DH and I celebrated 21 years a month ago and we were on opposite sides of the country so I know how it is spending your anniversary alone. It does make you appreciate each other more when we are together.

Congrats Dawn! To you your hubby and to your daughter and her BF. How sweet.


Happy Anniversary! I love when I read about others who are more in love everyday. I feel kind of kindred with people like you because that's exactly how it is with my hubby & me! Blessings on your marriage!!

Congratulations to both of the couples. What beautiful flowers Dawn. Thanks for sharing.


Happy Anniversary!!!!!! May God continue to bless your marriage!!!!

Happy Anniversary to you and Rich! Sorry you can't be together today.
Wow...teenage years and boyfriends...does that bring back memories! LOL! What a sweet couple they are!

Happy Anniversary, Dawn and Rich. Sorry this is arriving late. Didn't get to do computer stuff until tonight. But the sentiment and love sent your way is just as valid.

Your flowers are truly beautiful and how great is it that he even thought of purple! Wowza, fella!

Here's to 20 more. Keep safe, enjoy life and each other.

HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY!!! Beautiful flowers! Jessie did an awesome job designing the little photo book. They make such a cute couple :^)

Happy Anniversary to You! 20 years is awesome!!
My hubby and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on the 30th!
I love the photo book, going to make one today in fact & the DVD that her boyfriend made... how sweet is that!! Amazing!!

Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary! My husband, Rich, and I (Dawn) have been married 17 1/2 years. Rich & Dawn must be a good combination!

I am so sorry that I'm behind on wishing you and your very handsome husband a Happy 20th Anniversary.You are both very blessed to have had each other and then your beautiful Jessie. I was also happy to read that Rich will be home for Jessies 16th birthday party and for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to see what type of decorations and invitations you make for Jessie's special day.

Wowzer! Your daughter gets more beautiful with each passing day. Her boyfriend is is very cute! Happy 1st month Anniversary to them.


Happy Belated Anniversary, What b e a utiful flowers for a b e a utiful gal!
Many more to both of you!
Stampin' Smiles to you & your hubby,
Ann :)

Happy Belated Anniversary, What b e a utiful flowers for a b e a utiful gal!
Many more to both of you!
Stampin' Smiles to you & your hubby,
Ann :)

Congratulations on our 20.years. It´s verry good!

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