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August 24, 2008



You have started a Frankie craze. They are all so cute.


That video was amazing! Thanks for sharing! :) Now I better get a shake on stuff and make my Frankie! :)


All the Frankie's are great. Thanks for sharing.

I absolutely love that video!! That was amazing...what talent they have..not to mention the time they put in for practicing that!
What am uplifting message..thank you!

I love the video. This so lifted my spirits this morning. I was feeling very tired and run down, and didn't feel like getting 4 children, myself, and a husband ready for church this morning. I watched the clip and now I feel renewed. Long story short, we are in the process of getting ready for church.

Thanks for Sharing this. You never know how your actions affect someone else.


Awesome! And it makes me realize how cute a tall Frankie would be as a card too! Adorable!

Awesome video, thanks for sharing it Dawn!

Wow! All the Frankie's are awesome!

Wow ladies, great job on Frankie!!

Thank you for your witness, Dawn! Jesus is awesome! What a wonderful song and video!

Great video Dawn! Thanks so much for sharing it and standing for the Lord!

That video really touched my heart. I'm grateful you are not afraid to witness! God Bless You!

I love Casting Crowns and cry every time I hear this song. It is such a powerful and true message. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Love the song! Those hands are so cool!

I too loved the video. Thank you for sharing it. Is this from your church?My youngest daughter and I have been involved with a puppet and a stick ministry for several years now. This is exactly the type of thing the kids like to do. I can't wait to show them the video. Is there any way to download these videos to a DVD?

SO cute! Love it! :D

Wow! I was blown away. What a blessing! I'm definitely sharing this with our youth ministry. Thanks for sharing.

Frankie lost weight! Ha Ha! I love this skinny Frankie, too! Dawn, you are a wonderful person and talented demonstrator! Visit my blog...I have a surprise for you!

That video is unbelievable!! I was so totally amazed by it. Very uplifting and a wonderful reminder we have nothing to fear, God has us covered!!! Thanks

Love the links to the other blogs. Loved looking at the other Frankies and relaxing while checking out all the blogs-didn't get my laundry done, but still had fun looking.

Love the Frankies and thank you so much for posting that video. What a testimony to place on your blog! God Bless Dawn

Dawn, have you created a monster or what? LOL :- ] Love 'em all.
Hugs, Sharon

Oh...I love Frankie as a candy bar wrapper!! AMAZING and beautiful message, Dawn!! Thanks so much for sharing that!! Hugs!!

who would have thought this little guy would become so popular! he is adorable Dawm

Hi Dawn, This guy was great and I wanted to add to your collection. Here is the one I posted on Splitcoast this morning! http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1031423?cat=500&ppuser=91440

I love Halloween and he was so much fun, thanks for sharing and Thank you to your friend at convention too!

I loved watching that video. That was too cool. I have been usings some gift card ideas from your videos and they turned out sooooooooooo cute. Your ideas are great. And to think we live farely close. I have not tried Frankie yet because I need the arrow punches yet. I have a dachshund that I made out of pick a petal that I would like to share with you. Keep your videos coming.
Marcia from Michigan

OK, TWO FOLD! I coach cheerleading and it consumes me heart and soul for four months...which is why I haven't had any time to do any scrapbooking or card making! My seven year old said "Mommy, we need to scrap!" And I told her she was right...Now I have a quick and cute project that we can do together in a matter of minutes and still get that Mommy and Me time we so desperately miss. SECOND I have Heather (18) who is consumed by this BOY, who is bad news and we though she was over it, but we just found out they are still seeing eachother, which would be fine if he was only seeing her...TMI...anyway, I am forwarding her this link to watch this video so she can remember who SHE belongs to and who will make HER number one FOREVER!!!!

Thanks Dawn for always inspiring me and lifting me just when I think I can't do another day!!!!

Luv your frankie, there is a link to mine.

OK< so my link didn't show up so I am posting it again


About the white knee-highs for your daughter... I am 5'8" with long legs, and I have found white knee-highs at Target. They are hidden among all the other socks & hosiery, but they are there and should be long enough unless your daughter is over 6 feet. Hope that helps!

I loved the video...it made me cry tears of joy that the Lord knows me!

I also love, love, love your video tutorials! You are awesome and I now know why..because you have God in your heart too, love ya!

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