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July 23, 2008


God is good. HAve a great day!

God is definitely good. Amen. Enjoy your extra day

Oh Enjoy your "surprise" day and don't worry about not stamping you stamps will still be there tomorrow for you as we will be! Have a great day!

Enjoy that extra time! You guys deserve it! Those stamps are NOT gonna run away! Back tomorrow.

Hi Sweetie, Enjoy that extra day with hubby and don't worry about stamping. You did far more then I would have if my hubby had been gone and came home. Enjoy!!!

Dawn - that is so good to hear you get to spend another day with Richard! I know you will treasue it! and I am sure no one will complain about not seeing any stampin stuff today!!

I forbid you from stamping today !!! You are ordered to do nothing but be in your hubby's strong arms !!! I'm so happy for you that you got an extra day together...isn't our God awesome !!!!!

Love you !!!

That is not a surprise considering all the great things God has done! He truly is faithful & wants only the best for His children! Enjoy your day - stamping can wait!!!

What a wonderful day for you! Enjoy every minute and I agree...no stamping today for you!! Time is a lovely thing!

Give him an extra hug to tell him I'm praying for him.

OH Dawn (((((HUGS)))) please don't worry about us!! We are fine here waiting on you we love you and I am soooo amazed at you. I go away for a weekend and I call hubby a trillion times cause I miss him so much so I can only image having to see your hubby go do what he loves best protect all of us that he doesn't even know.. I mean HOW AWESOME are both of you for that fact!! (((HUGS)))
Now smile that pretty smile!!! hehehe

Don't you dare come back taking away your precious extra time w/Richard! Give him a big (((((((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))) for me too!

Oh, how nifty! :) Yes, spending time in a car with someone you love is great. How nice that he got his "lost" day back. :)))))))))

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