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July 02, 2008


Yay, Jessie!!

HI...Jessie...it's all offical now......he--he...you be safe now....watch out for the other driver hun! Hey..you'll be able to drive Mom and Dad both around....how cute! I just know you both are beside yourselves....waiting....but GOD is good..HE will bring your Dad home very soon....Have a GREAT time when he does get home to both of you! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Patricia H2ogardenlady
(Just had to check back to see if there was any NEW news.lol)

Congratulation Jessie, I trust that you have a safe and happy driving experience for all your future driving.
Christian Greetings from Australia

Congrats Jessie! Be safe!

Congrats to Jessie, but with that name ofcourse she passed, hihi!!!!


Congratulation Jessie. You must be thrilled now thatyou can drive. :)


Congrats, Jessie !!!!

Big big congrats Jessie!!!

wow Good for you Jessie! That is soooooo GREAT!

Congrats Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've grown up so fast since I first met you oh so many years ago. Just think, now you can chauffer the "old Lady" around, hee, hee, hee.

I love it! I have almost these same exact pictures of my DS getting his permit.
Congratulations Jessie! Be safe!

Great Job Jessie!!!!!!

Way to go Jessie! I remember when my 19 yr old just a few yrs ago got his. How time flies when your having fun. Don't fly, just do the speed limit..lol
Congrats and enjoy and be safe. We told our son to always drive "Defense"..lol

Congrats to you Jessie!!! Our state changed that SS number on our drivers licence if you request it, you should find out if your state does that as well. Hopefully they do, in this day & age it makes no sence to put SS #'s on licence. Drive safe & have fun Jessie!!!

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