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July 13, 2008


That was so beautiful!! GREAT going for your kids! :) God Bless them all.

Dawn that was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I loved the entire video and your Pastor seems like such a fun person to be over this congregation!! The songs were so cute and meaningful!! GREAT VIDEO AND A PASTOR WHO IS A GREAT SPORT TO DO THAT.

Dawn, I love it!! I had forgotten how much fun VBS is! Can I come to your church? Y'all are having a blast!

Looks like it was a great time. And it was all for a wonderful cause.

super video Dawn...made my sunday AM!

That catchy little tune is going to be in my head all day! TYFS Your pastor is a good sport!

Well Dawn..... this video made my morning. TFS!! I'd like to wish you and hubby an early Happy Anniversary and wish you many many more!

How wonderful to view your site this morning & see these beautiful children perform & your pastor help motivate them to raise money for those in need!
Truely inspirational!
Happy early Anniversary to you & your hubby!
God will be watching over both of you during this time of challenges & separation, enjoy every minute you have together!

Hi Dawn:
I have emailed my sister this link. Her husband is a childrens' pastor and it seems they did the same VBS program this past week as your church did.
I would have raised the $250 myself to see my b-i-l do what your pastor did - what a great sport:) And what a GREAT cause.
Enjoy the rest of your time with your hubby!!

What a wonderful pastor you have! And what beautiful flowers-I hope you enjoyed your time with your hubby :-)

Happy Anniversary Pretty Lady!! What a sweetheart your adorable hubby is, and such lovely roses!!! Enjoy your anniversary MONTH!!!

Big Hugs n' Aloha,

Hey Dawn,
What a great video! So, glad that you had a blessed week at church (love your Pastor's spirit!!!) there's nothing like watching kids worship!!
Happy Anniversary!!
God Bless,

What spirit and so much fun Pastor Brad. Way to Go! I'm sure there is an extra special golden nugget in Heaven for you. Looks like the kids and leaders all had a fantastic time.

That was just BEAUTIFUL!!!
I miss working with the kids at Sunday school.
Maybe I might just have to start back again

Oh Dawn...I'm sitting here bawling...how wonderful and awesome you all have with these incredible young lives !! I love the words.."let my actions match my passion" !! How true that is for ALL of us !! Our passion for Christ should be matched with our actions for Him !!
Whose that gorgeous girlie in the blue wig....hehehe. I didn't realize Rich was soooooo tall...holy smolly...he's a giant !!!
I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful day on Saturday ! No one deserved a beautiful daynight together than you and Rich !!!
16 More Days Until We Squeeze Each Other....do you think we'll cry...ummmm let me think....YUPPERS !!!

Dawn, I love your VBS updates! Brad looks like he fits right in!!! I'm so glad he is feeling better! I also wanted to let you know that I have chosen you for another round of tag! You can participate if you'd like to. No pressure!!

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