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July 27, 2008


I was trying to figure out what I liked best about your videos besides showing us wonderful techniques and music.. I think it is the use of the various SU tools and how to use them. Keep up the good work!

I love the BeeGee's too but SORRY...I MISSED YOUR VOICE!!!!! Great tutorial though!!

Awesome video -- my 6 year old son watched the whole thing with me! :-) Thanks so much.

Oh Dawn, we must be about the same age because I'm digging all the tunes you've mentioned!!! Long live the 70's!!!!!

Thanks for the video! I miss your voice, too! My daughter likes to say, "Hello, Stampers!" LOL

Thanx! You made my day with this video and BeeGee's music. Love ya! :-)

Dawn, I enjoy hearing you "teach" your tutorials, but the music is a nice change of pace, too. I really enjoy the Bee Gees music also. Thanks for using your 5-in-one template the last couple of days. I've had one just sitting here for months but now I've used it for the envelope on this tutorial and for the envelope purse. Thanks so much!

Love this card and envie to match. May just have to get that template. I thought I could finesse the gift card holder, but not this LOL. You are such an enabler Dawn!! Fun hearing the Bee Gees! Wouldn't complain about CCR..........or YYYYYYYYY MMMMMMMM CCCCCCCCC AAAAAAA either! hehehehe

Super cute. Love those BeeGees. I like seeing 5 in 1 template. I have never seeen that used.

I love this idea...feel another case coming along for my future stamp camps! You keep me w/tons of ideas for my camps...thanks so much! I love all your work.


I love your videos because you DO talk the whole time. I feel like I'm right there with ya!! Keep them coming - no matter if you do music or not.

This is so pretty, Dawn!! Great tute too!!

love your videos, but like it when ya talk. where do ya get that 5 in 1 envelope template ?

Have you checked Dearborn Music for the CDs you want? Give me a list and the amount of $ you want to spend and I'll check for you. Hugs, Sharon

I LOVE the BeeGees, but you left out Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey!!!!! We went and saw them last night!! The new Journey singer sounds JUST like Steve Perry!! so fun!! have a great day, Dawn!!

love hearing you explain what you are doing...nix the music! Hope you will have the classes by mail after Convention...have a super time! DD

great tutorial...love your videos...and i am a big Bee-Gees fan....thanks for sharing.

Oh darling, I so wish I had speakers hear at work. I can only imagine how terrific you sound with and/or without music.

Can't watch at home since I only have dialup. woes me, eh?

Take care,

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