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July 23, 2008


Thank you for sharing the wonderful video of your time with your husband and family. Looks like a great group of 'family'.
I am happy for your extra day with hubby... I know how special those can be...
Look forward to seeing your stampin stuff back on the blog soon...
Relax, enjoy, LIVE... Marilyn

OMG! Those pics are so great! How Awesome Richard is to let Jessie "sytle" his hair!


P.S. Today from 7am-7pm McDonalds is giving away FREE sample iced coffee, no strings attached. I had a carmel one driving into the office.

Now if I could just get rid of this stupid migraine, ugh! I hate them!

it looks like you have a great family & you had a wonderful time.

Looks like a great time was had by all during hubby's visit.

Looks like a great time was had by all during hubby's visit.

Dawn, Really nice pics of your family. I think the pictures of the "bad hair" day of your DH were best, lol!

Thanks for sharing your good times with us and loved those wigs.

That was GREAT!!!!!

rotfl!!!!!!!!! Your husband is SUCH a good sport! And he looked much more relaxed in the later photos than when he first got home. Nice to see that.

Jessie's hair is FAB! and it doesn't look black in the photo. it looks naturally dark brown. you rock!

Cool Pictures and it looked like you enjoyed each day to the fullest. Just wanted to say that I think you and Jessie are very photogenic. You two should be models. The dog is handsome but your husband definitely looks like a real good man!
I know you will miss him and I will continue to pray for his and all the other soldiers safety. It will be something when they can all come home for good.
Debi Pippin

Hi Dawn! Loved the video! What a wonderful time you all had. Glad you were able to get an extra day with hubby too! Lotsa hugs! Teri

This is such a great idea. You guys seem to have a lot of fun no matter what you are doing. You have a wonderful family. God Bless!

Sooo sorry he had to leave, but you'll have this cool video to watch as often as you want. I, too, have a real bad boy that has turned into a real good man. I've kept him for more than 30 years!

Oh what a fabulous video you put together...made me teary eyed...I know I say that often, I can be so emotional...lol

Big hugs to you!

Wow, Dawn, those are wonderful pictures and a great slide show. Praying for both of you while your hubby's away for a while. Bravo!!!

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