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June 29, 2008


Hi Dawn, I'm glad you started a blog because I really like the cards you make and the video's make it so clear.
I started my blog to keep my mother and the rest of the family up to date about our life. It's much nicer to do that with a blog and pictures than phone calls. And now that I disovered card challenges on some blogs it's easier to participate.
Lots of fun this week for you and Jessie with your husband home.

You are an inspiration and a blessing. THanks for keeping us all inspired.

I want you to know, I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It is my little fix for the day. When you started doing videos everyday, I was getting all excited and when there isn't one I am disappointed, but I understand you can't spend all your time doing videos. But you have been such an inspiration. It is a big committment to post daily. I am so happy that you have made such a committment, as I am sure many others are to. Just keep all your wonderful ideas coming our way, we love you.

ditto all the previous comments! I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog some months ago! You are a fabulous teacher and I am so happy that your family will be back together as a unit! Great job Jessie on your driving accomplishments (ie; Phase I)
Have a terrific Christ filled day!!!!

Well I read your blog everyday and love it.
Thank you Dawn for all the time and effort you put into blogging, stamping, videos and yes I love hearing about everything that is happening with you and your family. You have blessed my life as well.
I live a short 30 minutes to Corinne's house and yes she is an amazing woman. Her love for Christ is present first and foremost and her family is incredible just like her.
I can't imagine how estatic you will be in 2 days when you see and hug your husband. There will be fireworks early.
Thanks for sharing Dawn.


As I get ready for church I am checking out your blog as I do every morning as I get ready for work. I have been checking out your blog for about a year and a half and I so look forward to seeing your latest project. Thanks for all your hard word and inspiration not only in stamping and blogging but in your dedication to Christ. I am so happy for you, Jessie and Rich (who I am sure can't wait to get home) will be spending some quality family time together. How long will he be home for and how much longer will he have to serve on his tour of duty. Is he going to get to finish his tour of duty in the states? I sure hope so. Have a wonderful Sunday and have a great time with Hubby and daughter. You are truly a blessing. Karen

I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments above. You don't have to read far to see just how much you mean to all of us who read your blog! Your tutorials are so great - I especially love hearing your voice - makes it so much more personal. I can see the Lord's blessings on your family for your faithfulness to Him & His work. You're doing a great job! and, yes, I love Roxy's blog too. She is another of my favorites & a must-read every day. So neat that you'll get to meet her in person! Can't believe it's just 2 days - I can tell you're SO excited! Have a blessed Lord's Day!

oops! P.S.: I made one of these albums from Roxy's tutorial on SCS & it turned out beautifully! Her tutorial is nice, clear & easily understood.

Oh Dawn how true, we must always make time for the things in life that are important....I too often have friends ask me how I find the time, I have been following your BLOG almost from the beginning and just love to log on each day to see what is new here...your blog is wonderful well laid out and your work is fabulous....keep it coming girl.....have a great Sunday.

To say that you had me bawling this morning would be an understatement !!! Thank you so much my dear and sweet friend for all your kind words about this morning ! I often think of how much our God must love me to put you in my life. That he looked at my life and saw a void and decided to give me a very special, wonderful and unique friendship. He knew we wouldn't be able to see each other often but He knew I needed you in my life and so He gave me your friendship. You daily uplift me...you are my shoulder to cry on my worst days and my cheerleader on my best days. You enrich my life so deeply that words aren't adequate to express it. I can hardly wait to see your sweet face, your purple hat and squeeze you everyday that we're at convention !! Thank you being the woman God has asked you to be.....we are all richer because of it.

Love you so much !


I love your blog!! My daily ritual includes checking my mail, checking the SU website for any news, checking your blog, and checking out Stamping with Roxy. I have been stamping for a few years and just joined SU as a demonstrator in Oct. (I found your blog after that). I have borrowed :) so many ideas from you and Roxy. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! And, the best part is that you are Christian sisters! I am going to convention this year and was telling my stamping buds that you and Roxy were the two people I was going to look up and hug you for helping me along through your ideas and encouragement! Thank you so much! I love how God makes things work for the good of those who love Him! He just keeps putting saints in my path! p.s. I love Mr. Crabby Pants, too!

Dawn - WOW I do as well think all your work is blessing! I am lucky enough to be able to see you often and be one of your stampin queens! I think it's terrific you have made such an impression on all these people! Enjoy your time with Richard when he comes home on Tuesday!

Love love love your blog please keep it up!
Big thanks for your time and the videos.....D

First of all, I'm thrilled for you that your hubby is on his way home!

Secondly - that's an adorable album you made! - here's a link to mine using the same tutorial...

Thirdly - I love your tutorials - here's a project I made from one of them...

Thanks so much for sharing - please, keep up with the video tutorial they are great!!

Ooops - somehow when I posted the link to what I made with one of your tutorials I posted a link to your site? (Don't know how I did that?!!) Anyway here's the correct link...
Thanks for the tutorial!!

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the time and effort you do put into your blog. Yours is always the first one I check because I do know there will be something new and interesting to see. Thanks bunches!!!!!

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for answering all those questions today...I've often wondered how you do it all too!! I have to tell you that visits to your blog are one of the highlights of my day...a diet coke and you always manage to set my day off to a great start. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration and I pray your time with hubby is just WONDERFUL!! GLYASDI!

As with all the previous posts comments. I too am a Dawn's stamping thoughts junkie and must read it everyday. I really like that you post everyday and always with such a smile on your face....even though we don't see you, one can tell you have a big grin as you type up your daily post. You have exposed me to so many new techniques, products, and ideas; it is like I have a demonstrater in house...LOVE it. I hope you continue to enjoy your blogging for many days to come. Thanks again for all of your time and effort.

Thank you sooooo much for sharing!!!! I am so excited for your husbands homecoming!!! YEAH! I absolutely love your blog- so If a total stranger comes up to you at convention and gives you a great big SMMMOOOOOCH!!!! It's just me!!!!


Wow, Dawn, it seems like it's been such a long wait for your husband to get home (and it was!) but now that bad waiting is over! Yay for both of you!!!! We'll all be fine til you "get back". :)

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