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June 13, 2008


Good Morning Dawn!

Your card is FAB! I love teh rock and roll technique!

Hope your Mom makes out okay at the dentist this morning!

I went in yesterday about my wisdom teeth. One is KILLING me....needs to come out and I have an app't with the dental surgeon on Tuesday for a consultation...ugh...feels like forever away!

Off to rinse my mouth again...haha!

Hope Jessie is doing well now too!

Good Luck with the Dentist today and your Mom-My DH had two of these implates put in-AND he said it was the BEST THING he EVER DID-Was a LONG process-BUT WORTH IT. Hugs to your MOM-and even BIGGER HUG to YOU for making it through the driver's education-YIKES! Kadie

This card is so elegant (so was yesterdays) and I love that stamp set (don't own it).........NO NO NO Joy!!! (slapping my hands :) Great color combo too! Hope your Mom comes through the surgery with flying colors! Good luck with drivers training Jessie!

Prayers for your Mom going up! Anything involving teeth makes me hurt all over just to think about it! Prayers for your comfort as well (the worse part is the wait!) I'll bet Jessie will do fine. She sounds like an amazing young lady.

Oh Dawn,

Please tell Judy I'll keep her in my prayers and good thoughts.
I know exactly what she is going thru since I have an implant as well when my 20yr old rootcanal failed and they couldn't save the tooth since it was fractured.

Give her a ((((((((((((hug)))))))))))) for me, please..

And, hopefully, all the severe storms will have passed by the time Jessie starts her driver's training today. Tell her Good Luck and give her a (((((((((((((hug))))))))) too!


Dawn, I had a tooth implant last year and it was a piece of cake. I did not feel anything and never had any pain. It only took 3 months for it to heal and get my fake tooth on my titanium screw! You cannot tell at all. I love your blog and come to it everyday! I am a SU demo and I get tons of ideas from you, thanks!


Yeah, Jessie !!!!
Ohhhhhh...poor mom :(

Take care of these ladies today and yourself !!!

Love ya.

Sending you and your family, LOVE AND PRAYERS. You have a wonderful day.....

Jesse's in our prayers for a quick healing...we all hate dental work around here, too!

These are so pretty, Dawn!! How exciting for Jessie to be starting drivers training!! I hope your Mom's implant surgery went well!! Hugs!!

Good evening Dawn. I made back from SSMarie Canada and did alot of shopping and celebrate my 27th Anniversary which is June 13. A prayer goes out to your Mom. Love the card will make it soon.

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