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June 01, 2008


I am clueless...LOL This show is so weird I can't help but watch!

Dh & I Love Love Love Lost too. I think what's going to happen next season is...That Jack is going to convince everyone who got off the island to go back. They end up taking John Lock back, and then Lock will be risen from the dead. They will first have to figure out how to find the island again, Since Ben moved it. Chen (asian women) will talk to the guy who knows all about the island and how to find the now that it's been moved. Somehow Jack and Kate and Hurlly and Chen and Ben and Siede (middle east guy)Swayer's daugther who Kate finds in AL, Lock will return to the island. Who knows what all will happen next, but I do love to speculate. And what about Dezzie and Penny? Will Penny be brought into this season for next year? Can't wait till next season..

OH so many questions I have......We just LOVE LOVE Lost too, and cant' get enough of it! Dawn you had some good points in your email.........and yes they are all hotties!!!! ( my brother looks like Jacks Twin!!!!!) Did you see on the video you posted there were other ones too, alternate endings where there was Sayid and Sawyer in the casket???? HMMMMMMM???? interesting!
I heard a rumor that the writer of the show said he was going to go into hiding after the final show of the series cause people will not be happy with the ending of the story.( the whole lost story plot is already written!!!)

Happy sunday!

it's exactly what I expected Sawyer to tell her (well, I expected him to give Kate a name to look up!). In Kate's flashforward we saw her go somewhere and not want to tell Jack about it, I expected it to have something to do with Sawyer's daughter. Personally I find that very interesting since Kate and Cassidy (the mother of Sawyer's daughter) did cross-paths before. Anyway, I don't know that Jack has that much more convincing to do, Hurley always wanted to go back, I think Ben already has Sayid and Hurley ready, Kate got a phonecall that seemed to be telling her to go but she can't take Aaron according to Claire (Kate needs a little more work but I don't think it's Jack that will convince her, she needs to find someone to look after Aaron), the only thing is I am not sure whether Sun is working with this or doing her own thing. I have a theory that she need more than just her settlement to buy that controlling interest in her father's company and that she got the money from Ben (remember the 5 bank accounts comment?). However, given he seemed to take 10 months to materialise in Tunisia I'm doubting that. Now Locke also went to Walt so I wonder if he has to go back to (I think he does). No idea what terrible thing could have happened after the O6 left for them to have to go back and fix, but I am looking forward to next season and finding out just why Charlotte, Daniel and Miles are there, how Locke got off the island, if Desmond and Penny come back into it... so many questions, so many ideas and theories... but I'm trying not to write a novel in your comments section!

Speculating #2...
I wonder if and when they do find the island... Will the "others" including Lock-being the head Other" will want to kill them? umm... And then when the boat blew up, did you see how it swrilled around in the water and go under when the island was being moved...maybe Jin will be the only one that survived and got back to shore..
I think that Jack's father is really Jacob...seeing that we really haven't seen a good look at Jacob. I agree with you Dawn, maybe John does have a double..umm And what about Julia...Will her and Sawyer hook up now that "Freckles" isn't in the picture for the time being?... Will Freckles bring his daughter back to the island? I agree with you Dawn in your email about Jack being in shock about Claire being his sister. That means that Aron is his nephew and will he want Kate to take him back to the island? I think Sun is going to nark on the others on the island and wants to go back because she wants to see Jin. Remember too how Lock was shot and we all thought he was dead...Then Walt came along...And then Walt visiting Hurly...oh my...
I think when the series ends..(shutter to think)but..That everyone is on the same map and are and were just looking for a greener pasture to escape their real lives...Or...They all been living in the Norma Project world all along...
Wouldn't Alfred Hitchcock love this show...lol Ü
Inquiry minds can't wait till next season..lol
Stamping Hugs

Didn't they show in the one epsiode this season that Freckles was pregant? What happened to that scenioro? Remember last season when her and Sawyer hooked up when they were locked up together in the cage by Ben and the "Others". umm

Kate was never pregnant, she just thought she may have been. I doubt Juliet and Sawyer will hook up, I just don't see them clicking like that. Christian did say he wasn't Jacob... he could be lying but I don't think so. There does seem to be some family thing going on there, not just Jack as an individual has to go back to the island to help fix it... we got a lot of answers but there are hopefully a lot more to come... there is a lot more to this island that I want to know!

I only saw this scene because I was watching the news for the tornado warnings around here. I love the guy who plays Sawyer. Didn't know he was in a tv show. He was great in Solaris!

Glad you are back, Dawn. I just thought you were at the convention. I didn't know the post was down. We've been gone, so now I think we are all caught up with you!

Oooooh!!! Thank you for posting this! I figured he was saying something about his daughter. And after reading the comments, I remember there were supposed to be alternate endings. Now I need to go find those. I hate that we have to wait so long for it to come back on, but at least it's all new all the time when it does and there are no re-runs....

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