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June 02, 2008


Hi Dawn, You lucky girl, with you husband coming home. Mine goes to Afghanistan is February for almost 4 month's. It still seems a long time away but time flies.
I like the card with the stars but what are pixie sticks?

30 Days...oh yeah..oh yeah...oh yeah !!!! I can't imagine any better news than that !!! Im so excited for you guys....not long now and he'll be home for awhile !!
I dying...yup...dying to find out your stamping news !!! I can hardly wait to hear what it is.
Love your pixie stix project....as usual....genius !!!!

Yah!!!! 30 days....hope they fly by for you girl!!
I love what you did with this holder and using the stars stamp...I love my set and use it often!

Hope Jessie does well and has a fast recovery after the wisdom teeth come out...will be thinking of her!

Happy that you hubby is on
his way home. I will be thinking of your daughter. I have been doing the heavy cleaning. Great project.

your husband coming home is better than any stampin news! don't get me wrong...i wanna know the secret!!!!!

Dawn my girl had 8 teeth pulled to get her braces in and what I did as soon as she got home was pop her in bed with 2 soft ice packs on each side of her face ...no swelling and reduced the pain big time...good luck to both of you!DD

super cute!

I am not cedrtain what KWIM means but I totally agree about get house work done so you can spend every minute with him.
You're card is very partiotic which is perfect for the time your hubby will be arriving home. I am so happy for you.
I will remember Jess is my prayers as she will need much comfort and healing afterwards.
TFS your wonderful project.

Jessie will be in my prayers.. I remember those days for myself.. And CONGRATS on hubby coming home and BIGGEST CONGRATS on your blog being back.. I've totally missed you !! Patty

Tell your sweet daughter I didn't remember or feel *anything* when they took out my one wisdom tooth! And I'm the biggest baby ever when it comes to pain and dental stuff! Tell her I'm *positive* she won't feel a thing! I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Glad you hubby is almost home to you Dawn. I can imagine those stamps won't be the only thing rockin...;) Prayers and Hugs go to your daughter, good they are sadating her,she won't feel anything. Plenty of icecream will go a long way too....
Stamping Hugs

I agree. With what? Well, I agree that your husband coming home is GREAT! This is for leave, right? Did you hear anything about that job he applied for? I also agree that getting wisdom teeth pulled is not that big of a deal. It didn't hurt me, either. My kids would love the pixie stick holder! Pixie sticks are a straw that holds colored sugar. Yum!

Hi, Dawn! I found your blog a week or so ago, and I am hooked! I have already made several of the cards you feature on your tutorials -- thanks for sharing all of your great ideas! I am going to make the gift card holder for end-of-year teacher gifts this week! So glad your hubby will be home soon! Also, get two bags of frozen peas at the grocery store for your daughter. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago (sedated and didn't feel a thing!), and the bags of frozen peas are perfect to reduce the swelling and pain. They conform to your face and can be left on for about 20 minutes. Then pop them back in the freezer for a little while to re-freeze and use again. (Or, get 4 bags so you always have a frozen set ready!) I will be thinking of her and praying for her Wednesday morning. Thanks, again, for sharing your awesome talent online! I look forward to checking in each day!

hey Dawn, I'm so happy to hear your hubby will be home for a visit soon!! Glad to see your blog is back...hope the removal of the wisdom teeth goes well!!! I'll pray for her, you know how scared I am of the dentist!

This is just the cutest, Dawn!! I am so excited for you about your DH coming home soon!!!! I will also keep Jessie in my prayers, and hope her dental surgery goes well.

Your hubby is coming home in 30 days my daughter Jessica is getting married in 36 more days! Wow I thought it would never get here! Bet you feel the same about hubby being home for good this time!
Luv this card Dawn, its so cute! Hope everything turned out well for your daughter!

It's all good!!!!!!!!

And, even better since today when I'm finally posting, it'll actually be less than 30 days and Jessie's surgery is over!

Like I said, "It's all Good!" (or should I say to quote, Janet)


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