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June 26, 2008


mmmmmmmmmmmm........aren't they gorgeous in chocolate!!!!

Dawn, I heard they were coming and I'm so excited about the possibilities in my own home! Beautiful!

I have been thinking of trying this wil my cricut and some vinyl adhesive, but these are already done in the RIGHT COLOR!!! It looks very nice!!!

Wow! They look great...the chocolate is a good color with your wall paint. :)

Awesome girl! I love it!! Hugs!

call me stupid...where did you get the straight line instead of the dots?

This is the one I want to get too !!! It's perfect !!!!!

WOW. Love this card. I can't wait to make some.

WOW. Love this card. I can't wait to make some.

I love it. Thanks for showing and telling becasue now I can see how beautiful they are. I love this phrase too.

What a difference that makes. I am thinking about getting the FAMILY one. Now that I see how it looks I think I will order it.

Awesome Dawn!

Love it!

Gotta have it, kwim?


Dawn, these are totally fabulous! I can't wait til we can order these as I already have an idea in my head and my new room planned! Thanks for sharing it looks great!

Hi Dawn, after I saw what you did with Jessie's computer, I did the same thing with mine. Now they match, although we are in different States. Lol. I love the Decor Elements and have some more just waiting to be put up in my bedroom and bathroom. Love it!

Trish in Wisconsin

Hi Dawn, I look forward to your email each day, first thing with my coffee. I used the large tree (in the last catalog) on one wall in my craft room which is all black and white. It is beautiful and so is yours. So glad that they are coming out with these Decor Elements, they sure make a lasting impression.

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