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June 20, 2008



Thank you for posting this video. I went to the Doctors to get my 5 years cancer free results today and was feeling pretty down with poor me poor me feelings, until I saw this. Thank you for showing me the light.

Dawn, Thank you for sharing this video. I had heard about this father and son and what they did, but to see it on video was truly inspirational.

Dawn, not only are you a gifted and talented woman but also one who knows how to share love and the sense of love with others. Thank you for sharing this video with all of us.

Ditto the post by Annette. I too had heard about this father and son but I did not know the father had a heart condition. This is the second inspirational message I've received today and it has to mean something. The first was from a famous writer and actor who showed pictures of where he lived only 10 years ago and was hungry all the time. Through God's grace and faith he is now a famous writer, actor and has at least 10 movies to his credit. He gives all his success to God. And now this beautiful video you have shared with us. I know now that God will give me the strength to make my SU business work. Thank you so much. I cried through the whole thing. God Bless,

Thank you Dawn for sharing this awesome video, it was certainly heart wrenching.

Kindest regards

From Australia

OMGosh! This video is so inspirational. It makes my trival problems look like nothing compared to everyone elses and makes me feel bad that I feel bad for myself that my SU business isn't doing well. I have to try HARDER....if Rick's father can do a race for two.....I can make my business work for one!!!!

Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!!!

You said have your Kleenex ready and I didn't listen. Oh my gosh, I am balling like a baby. What a true hero for sure. Thank you for sharing with us. It was truly amazing.

oh my gosh a box of kleenex...I need a CRATE of kleenex. It's very early on Saturday morning and I want to wake my kids up and hug them and tell them how much I love them !!! What a beautiful reflection in this father's eyes of his love for his son and even greater yet is our heavenly Father's reflection of His love for us

Thank you my sweet sister for posting this video !
Love you...

Thank you Dawn...what an awesome testimony to our Lord!! We CAN do all things through HIM!! Have a great day. You rock as my girls would say! :-)

All I can say is WOW! This is one of the many inspirational videos I have viewed on your site. The way I see it, the Lord is using you as a vessel to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through your blog. Prayerfully, an unbelieving soul will get saved through the posted videos or inspirational words you've posted. God Bless You!


Dawn, I had not heard of this father/son team and when I watched it this morning I, too, boohooed. What an awesome pair and THANK YOU for sending it through your blog. I'm sure lots of people who read your blog don't know God's love or know how people can reflect His love by doing things for others. I have passed this on to several people and will definitely tell people at church and Sunday School tomorrow about this moving story.

Ok...that's my favorite song in the whole world and put to that video has me bawling! Thanks for sharing it.


hi sweetie - I've seen this video before, and watching it again still brings tears to my eyes.... so inspirational! thanks for posting it!!


Thank you for sharing this video with us! I have seen the father/son on TV and it was wonderful to see it again. What an inspiration they are...if only we could be half as much. You are wonderful for giving us a chance to see this!

Truly inspiring

WOW, this hit home BIG TIME for me. I have a wonderful husband who shares every minute he has available with his kids no matter how tired or busy he is. HOWEVER my eldest daughter's father came all the way down from Sacramento to Southern California for her graduation and couldn't even manage to attend because he had early plans the next morning for Disneyland. This father's love for his son is so touching, it makes you wonder how other father's like Heather's can't even manage to give a couple of hours of their time to attend something so important as a graduation!!!! Let it be known that my husband of 16 years was there every minute of her graduation as well as 16 years of her life...after balling her eyes out and almost ruining the most important day of her life so far, she looked up at her dad (my husband) and said, I don't know why I am so upset...my DAD is here, the same dad that has always been her for me! I was inspired and depressed to see this video because her father could have been there for her and made a CHOICE not to, and this young mans father could have put him in a home and made a CHOICE not to...

Thanks you so much for sharing that story with your blog readers. For me it came at a time when it was really needed. I love your blog for the wonderful craft ideas, but more importantly, the messages! God bless!

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