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April 17, 2008


Elvis! My daughter's favorite singer - she is 10! Our favorite song is Don't be Cruel.

For some strange reason I was always drawn to 'In The Ghetto' Of course, my mom played his songs constantly when I was growing up so I got to pretty much like them all!

It is hard to pick a favorite Elvis song but I'll say "Crying in the Chapel". I can't wait each morning to bring up your blog while I am getting ready for work. The pens are great. I have a pen feddish. I love all kinds of ink pens and would love to add your pen to my collection. You Rock!!

Elvis!! Huge fan here.. In fact my son is named Elvis. My favorite is "Suspisous Minds".
and very cute Pens by the way.

I love love love Elvis! My favorite song is Love Me Tender. It was also my dear grandma's favorite song and she sang it to/with me. I even included it as part of my wedding ceremony in 1989!
Did I mention I love Elvis?

well my dad like to hear the song Love Me Tender and i always hear it to (:

My ex-hubby use to sing Wise Men Say Only Fools Fall in Love - think he was trying to tell me something! But it is my favorite Elvis song!

Love Me Tender has always been my favorite

My husband loves Elvis. He is always singing In the Ghetto. So that will be my choice.

Hey Dawn, long time reader, first time commenter, just wanted to let you know this idea totally rocks, I made my grandmother a notebook and now I am making her a matching pen, so thank you!

Fav Elvis song, mmm, if I had to pick only one it would be Teddy Bear - love the King!

Me too, Love me tender! Can't beat that love song! I love your blog, I visit every day!

Love your pen Dawn--who but you would have thought to wrap the sticky strip like that? I love all Elvis songs--esp the love songs--so Love Me Tender might be one of my favs. Thanks for offering up this candy.

I was a big Elvis fan in the 60's. My favorite was Love Me Tender. Today I love his Gospel songs. I love all your work. Thanks for sharing. Mary

My fav song would be All Skook Up!!! Great pens to!!! Thanks Kim

My Fav songs is Love Me Tender! Thanks for all the great tutorials. I love them all.

LOVE LOVE LOVE yYOUR BLOG! It's like a daily dose of coffee. Anyhoo I love Are you lonesome tonight? My 8 and 10 year old prefer Burnin Love.

"Love me tender" is my choice, but I see I'm not the only one who loves this song!
As I told you before, your projects are always great and now I am so curious about that 'special' pen!
Thank you!

heartbreak hotel....
thanks for so much inspiration on your blog! i stalk, i mean visit, you at least once a day!

I love Elvis' spiritual songs. I think "Peace in the Valley" was one of my favs! Since I was part of the Elvis generation I had many, many of his albums. Brings back fond memories!!!

hi dawn, anything that Elvis sings rocks, I luv the song in the Ghetto, get a lump inmy throat every time I hear it.
Have a good weekend girlie!!

Hi Dawn, my favorite Elvis song is Love Me Tender. Love your pens.

My favorite is Blue Seude Shoes. I just want to tell you that you are an awesome person! I look forward to your sight every morning! Love your tutorials!

Oh I LOVE how you did the beads on the pens! Never thought of doing it that way...so cool! Girl you rock!
No need to add me to the drawing...you've given me enough ;)
Have a FAB day!

Ky Rain is my favorite Evis song. Thanks for the great tutorials. Mary

These pens look so cute! I adore Elvis! Whenever I think of him, the first song that comes to mind is Blue Suede Shoes, but I also loved Blue Moon (I am on a blue kick here lol) I really loved ALL of his songs.

Elvis!! What a fun blog candy! My favorite song is a hunka burnin love!!

My fav Elvis song would have to be "Can't Help Falling in Love". Of course "Little Sister" comes in a close second. :0) Love your beaded pens. Great tutorial as usual!

Great pens Dawn, thank you for the tutorial! My favorite song would be Love me Tender. :)
Thank you!

I love love love Elvis. Love all his songs and movies. I like how upbeat Jail House Rock is. Traci

I don't know if I have a favorite song... they are all so great. My favorite movie was about a little girl that he gave a teddy bear to... don't remember the name of the movie though. I remember the day he died and it came on the news, I cried and cried. I was gonna marry elvis when I grew up. I was 6 I think. lol But if I have to pick a favorite I guess Teddy bear would be it.
LOVE your blog~! Thanks for all you do!

With Bowzer, It's gotta be You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog.

He sure is one "Hot Dog"!

Hugs, Sharon

I think we all love elvis in some way my kids even love elvis ...they love burnin love.... i think mine would be Suspisous Minds".
or peace in the valley i love all of his work and dawn I love your work its the first thing i do before i do anything is check out your blog.. you are an inspiration!!!!!!

thanks for always sharing

Suspicious Minds! I'm your #1 obsessed fan!LOL!!

Hi Dawn....Love all of your posts - thank you for always sharing with us. Okay on Elvis it would have to be Suspicious Minds.


Suspicious Minds would be my favorite. Thanks for sharing such an awesome blog with us.

My favorite Elvis' songs are Love Me Tender and Can't Help Falling in Love. Love your pens and of course all of your wonderful ideas. Thanks you!!!


Elvis is one of my favorites! I think "Love Me Tender" is one of my favorite songs. I just kinda melt when I hear him sing (or see a picture). He was SO good-looking.

Dawn, I love all your video tutorials...I subscribe to your blog daily. My favorite Elvis song is Loving You.


Cool idea to "stripe" the micorbeads on the outside of the pen! A favorite Elvis song would be Love Me Tender. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I look forward to checking your blog every day. jmniffer

"Teddy Bear"!! I LOVE Elvis. Thanks for always sharing your stamping wisdom with us all, Dawn. I check every morning to be inspired by you.

Hi Dawn-

Love the pens!!!! If you want to remove the RSVP writing on the pens before embellishing, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser work great!

Oh! Favorite Elvis song...Love Me Tender!

Hope you have a great day!

Cheryl Ondrias

I have sooo many favs of his!!!! In The Ghetto, Teddy bear, Suspicious Minds,Crying In The Chapel, and all of his gospel songs just to name a FEW... I TRULY LOVE ALL OF HIS SONGS!

Can't help falling in Love!
Love your tutorials! I ahve always wanted to make these pens. Now I am!! Thanks!

My favorite Elvis song is Jail House Rock and my favorite movie is "Follow that Dream".
Love the pens!

Favorite Elvis song for sure is "Love Me Tender".

I'm voting with the other "SUSPICIOUS MINDS" girls. You are one talented chick! Keep on creating...

What a great project, who would of thought of dressing up a pen like that. I'm a daily blog reader of yours and love your projects. Favorite Elvis song ohh that's a hard one there's sooo many, if I can only pick one I'll have to say
"Jailhouse Rock". Keep up the great work.
ps: Could I kindly get your address I would love to send you something.
Thanks Julie

Tough choice, ill go with most of the "kids favs" and say burnin love :oP

Hi Dawn! Love your pens! You are such an inspiration. I look forward to checking your site each day! Elvis song...I'm going with Hound Dog since you posted that super cute pic of Bowzer as a pirate! Loved that too! I did my dog as Donald Trump! HeeHee

How can you pick just one. There are so many that are my fav's. From watching the movies of course. My list of favorites are: suspicious minds,
can't help falling in love,
It's now or never,
All shook up,
Hound dog,
My blue suede shoes,
return to sender.
Ok that's enough, I'm not really that old.

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