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April 17, 2008


These are so cute
I never knew how to get the paper in there! Silly Me!!!
My Favorite Song...
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Oh my Dawn! Yes...praise the lord that someone wasn't hurt! That little boy could have really been hurt...wow! Cars can be fixed but lives can't always be saved. God was watching out for you all today!

Dawn, I am glad you are fine. I just moved to Miami from Bavaria Germany and it is incredible how many accidents happen here in a daily basis even though the speed limit is so slow, in Germany they drive over a 100 miles and in 4-5 years I lived there I saw 3 fender benders....the difference is that there they follow the rules to the T. I love your website, you are amazing! I made the envelope card the other day while watching your video and I had so much fun, speacially since I don't have any stamping buddies here. Thank you for your videos, you are a great teacher.

oh my girl, that must have been scary!! So glad you are okay!!

I'm so glad of three things...1)no one was hurt, 2) your insurance will cover it, and 3) that it wasn't your fault ! I feel badly for the other family but so relieved for you !!!!

I am glad everyone is okay! I drop my babies off at school each morning and it does get a little crazy at those elem. schools in the am.

I am glad God was watching out for all of you!

Cheryl O

OH no, I'm glad you're alright. Nothing worse than a car accident, believe me, I know that all too well.

The fun thing about having a rental is that you get to try something out without the hassle of a salesman and pretend it's yours while you have it, kwim?

Sorry to hear about your troubles today, but glad no one was hurt!

wow, that's a lot of damage for one car door hitting you! maybe the driver will send you a card. something along the lines of "nice bumping into you." ha ha ha

stay well!


Oh my goodness, it must have been the day for accidents. Yesterday on the way to work I was the victim of a hit and run. Some lady bang into my card and then continued to scratch all the way up the front door. I have an older Aerostar Vab and other then a little paint on the bummper it will be fine. I just can't believe she was so rude not to stop, but who knows maybe she had a major emergency. I will just pray for her, all you can do right! So also praising God was everything is oka doka! Well as always thanks for your great blog. I get my daily does of stamping from you since I never have seem to have time to stamp! Have a happy happy day!!!

How Terrible!!! Can't imagine what it is like to have children and have to worry about them all the time. People just don't think. Thank goodess he didn't jump out of the car that fast

Ouch! I so glad nobody was hurt! Thank God!

oooo my gosh, I had no idea! glad you are okay!

Praise God for taking very good care of you physically, financially and emotionally. I am sure it scared you pretty good. Thankfully no one was injured. Hopefully the parking issue will be addressed.

BIG OUCH! But thank goodness everything is ok and now on was hurt.

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