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April 16, 2008


I love updates !!! Just to encourage Jessie...my eldest daughter's boyfriend had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled just a few weeks ago and he went to worship team rehearsal the same night. I think the younger you are the easier to procedure is...we'll be praying for you though. That's great about Disney !!! You'll have a great time I'm sure! So we need to start another countdown for Rich coming home too :) It's great having extra drivers in the house....our two eldest are fully licensed drivers and it's fantastic...Colton will probably have his full license by the end of Fall ! Bowser looks adorable....arggghh....he sure does !!!

Love ya soooooo much !!!

oh my gosh....Jessie driving....wisdom teeth...Disney world...hubby coming home....Bowsers photo :) love the update on the family. When is your hubby coming home?

How funny! That's so cute!!!!

Thanks for the laugh of the day. I am recovering from having a pacemaker put in last week and this made my day. Please check out my blog where I posted my Yorkie Amber at Florida Stampin' with Vivian http://floridastampinwithvivian.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing,

Vivian Swain

Love her glasses.. geesh.. I got glasses when i was 3 years old and would have given anything NOT TO HAVE TO WEAR them growing up... LOL... now they WANT fun glasses! Patty

Fun stuff, Dawn!! Jessie and Bowzer are adorable (well...really Jessie is very beautiful, but the photo is adorable!) Disney sounds like so much fun!! Woo hoo!

Good Morning Dawn!
It's so nice to hear what is going on in your life! I hope that Jessie makes out okay at the dentist...I still have my wisdom teeth...lol
Drivers training...wow! Time sure comes fast! Kids here can get a learners permit and start drivers training at 14 and get a license at 16. How exciting that Rich will be home and she'll be able to drive you two around!!
Have fun in Florida!! Disneyworld is fun!

Wow, what a lot to do and so fast it came along. Sorry I haven't posted lately, but I think I need a root canal. The pain/swelling started yesterday or so and I can't see the dr until Monday, ugh! Please pray for me he can reverse the nerve damage since we don't have dental insurance, ugh, ugh!

I had wisdom teeth out. i had a really good dentist and barely knew anything had happened. best of luck to Jessie, the Beauty Queen! :)

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