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April 25, 2008


well, then, Go Tigers!



oh my gosh, look at mr. crabby pants :)))) Have fun at the game!

The car looks fantastic !!! That crabby pants model is adorable !!! Jessie looks gorgeous as usual !! Praise the Lord for beautiful tulips !! Have a great time at the game tomorrow !! Go Tigers Go !!

Love ya :)

Oh Dawn your car is so shiny; I bet you are glad to have it back to drive (you get use to driving your own vehicle).
Jessie looks so good in those glasses; I like them.
I am enjoying my daffodils but my tulips have notomed yet; yours look so pretty.
Have fun at the ball game this weekend-its been a long time since I have been to tiger stadium.

Your car looks great, gotta love Mr. Crabby!! :D Have a fabulous time at the Tigers game! Go Tigers....Roar!!! (wink,wink) Hugs!

Yay! You got your car back and yes, it looks fantabulous!

Ok, Mr. Crabby Pants just cracks me up! It is soooo YOU! You know you can NEVER get rid of that stamp set, don't you??

Your daughter is positively gorgeous... she looks just like yoU!

Happy Day!!! Got your car back, tulips are a'bloomin and getting ready for a fun day out!! And what a PRETTY daughter!!!

Glad you love Mr Crabby Pants. When I saw him, he just screamed "Buy me for Dawn!"

Awesome, now we have a mascot for our club meetings!

I can't believe Jessie likes wearing glasses when she doesn't have to like I do. Seems like I've been wearing them all my life (from about 5yrs old). I would trade places w/her in a heartbeat!

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