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April 01, 2008


Dawn- that's really cute! But,um... I don't think you're supposed to chew gum in church-lol!

What a clever idea...love it! I have found your site through visiting Angie's site, which I'm new too as well. I have never made a card, or stamped before...but now that I have found you all...I'm hooked on getting started. Not enough supplies to make anything YET...Soon!

Oh my gosh...Love this.....please....tttttutuorial !!!!

Fabulous idea!!! Love this!

Super cute!! I love gum holders!!!

Love it! I always have packs of gum in bulk. That would be a great gift! Will you have the directions or a video tutorial? Thanks!

This is great!
Do you know how many of these I’ve saved to use as a pattern?!

Just another one I hadn’t gotten around to yet. :)
Thanks for the inspritation & motivation!


We won’t tell STRIDE you filled it with Trident! LOL

You are so smart Dawn. I would not have thought of this. Love it!

Fabulous of course!

OMG, Dawn we were in the ER last night from 9:45pm to 4:15 am this morning. I only got 2 hours of sleep before getting to the office by 9.

Brilliant! Isn't it amazing what can be our inspirations.
Now I am going to have to make one!!!!

I agree....tutorial is a must for this one! You're so much better at demonstrating the "how to's" than people like me!!
This is awesome!

You're the clever girl, Dawn! I love it!! HUGS!!

VERY cute idea! You are so clever!

Dawn, this is brillant. A tutorial is a must, we do not have these packets in Aust. Love your site, come by daily, sometimes twice I enjoy it so much. Marls

Love what you have done Dawn. Does your mind ever rest? ;)


you are a genius girlfriend! Love this! xo, teri

cute cute cute. I sent you an award, go to my site and copy and save it. Have a sweet day girl!

Pleaaaaaase make a tutorial!

What are the measurements? :D

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