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April 27, 2008


I can understand the feeling about going to a real Tiger's game. We used to go to one game a year, but we have not gone to one in many years. Since my mother-in-law has passed away 8 yrs. ago. She was the big Tiger's fan.
That's to funny about your pastor letting the car run.
Love your blog!
Have a great day!

Glad you had such a fabulous day out!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh look at that beautiful sunny day and you got to spend it at Comerica Park with the Tigers!!! How very exciting! I sure hope I make my way to Windsor this summer to visit Mom and Dad and we get a chance to take in a Tigers game!!! Been too long! Thanks for sharing the pics...brings back memories or my growning up there. Different stadium of course ;)
LOL @ Pastor Brad....you girls are so bad teasing him again today...hehe!

I've been hooked on baseball for years, but having a tough time without my Mariners. Just can't get excited by Rays or Marlins, now that we live in Florida. Glad you had a good day with your Tigers. Loved your Pastor Brad's key story!

Dawn, you are a hoot! I just love visiting your site each and every day. God bless you and your family.

too fun! love the pic of you and your girlfriends. :)

glad the Tigers won for you. :)))


Dawn, I'm so happy to hear about your wonderful experiance at the Tigers Stadium. My hubby is also one of the biggest fans of the DT...I have now become somewhat of a fan myself. As a matter of fact we watched them on TV last night, not surprising really, we almost never miss a game on TV. My hubby is from Toledo, Ohio and has been a fan since he was a wee-little boy. I will share your photos with him and let him read the Pastor's story...that is really funny and what a story to tell for years to come. PS...who is your favorite Tiger?

I am so glad that you had a wonderful time! The pictures are great and you tell such good stories! Thanks for sharing your fun with us!

Glad you had fun at the game. I used to be a huge baseball fan (Indians first, Tigers second) but the last few years, I just can't get into baseball.

My DH is a huge Tiger fan (born in Garden City and raised in Tecumseh). We used to go to games at the old stadium all the time but I have only been to one game at the new one and that was years ago when they opened the new one. My DH, my oldest DD and I do have our names on a brick paver outside the stadium.

DH gets free tickets to Indian games all the time (actually he is going tonight) so he has to settle on watching the Indians to get his baseball fix. I bet he wishes we lived in Michigan so he could get tickets to the Tiger games.

I'm so glad the weather cleared and you had a great time. I was worried how it started out raining in the morning.
And to think your pastor left his car running w/the keys in it! What a hoot! How'd the joke go on Sunday at mass?

Thanks for sharing your fun day and photos!! We've gone to a few games with the kids, and always enjoy it! That is too funny about the pastors car! I will have to tell DH about it. He won't believe it, I bet. *wink* Hugs!! xoxoxoxo

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