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March 19, 2008


Don't you love this little Tart & Tangy set !! Adorable basket too !!! These strawberry whoppers are perfect for it. We don't get good candy like that up here....bwahhh! Have a great day sweetie.

This is so cute Dawn! I love that stamp set and Love what you did with the strawberry. I read your blog everyday and you always inspire me. Thanks so much for sharing!

I just love this basket!

This is so clever... what a lovely idea! I gotta try it out. Thanks for sharing!

So cute Dawn! Love making those little baskets! YUMMY candy too!

super cute basket! love that tart & tangy set!!

This basket is so cute; you are a genius. I'm trying one right now.
Thanks for sharing Dawn.

I called your mom last night when I opened my mail, but I also wanted to post a big


to your mamma!!!

Votre card, tres magnific!


You soooooooooo rock.. that is just ADORABLE!! :) Have a piece of candy for me, ok? :) Patty

Dawn, this is stinkin' adorable, girl!! Love the colors, and the little stawberry whoppers are awesome! You are soooo talented, I look forward to seeing your new creations every day. I want to try my hand at one of these cute little baskets! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

So cute Dawn! I can't wait for the tutorial!

Many Blessings,

Do you want to hear something REALLY crazy??? I just made 3 of these last night for my family! They are coming to visit us this week and I wanted to do something special for them! I made my basket bigger though. I kind of had to figure out the dimensions on my own. I like how your basket turned out! It's so adorable! :D We just think so much alike. Hehe. Thanks for sharing girl! If you are interested in checking out my baskets you can view them on my blog here: www.stephsstampinstuff.blogspot.com

Dawn,these look yummy.... I want this set it is on my wish list.... Very Cute Basket.....

Dawn Darlin, I have a better idea! I'll just send you my address and you can mail me out this darlin basket full of candy and not only will I be able to smell them, I can eat them too!!!!!!!!!!hehehehee

Awh, you did't have to make that for my birthday, but I'm glad you did. Awesome, I can't wait to eat them, hint, hint, jk.

And, I'm so excited, I got a GS from my sisterinlaw, I can't believe you kept it a secret, but I'm glad you did. Now I'll have something extra to spend at the club meeting next month! YIPEEE

I love your darling basket!! Yummy strawberry and pretty colors too!!

Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing. This afternoon I whipped up 4 baskets for my parents and brother & sister-in-law. I love that you can made 4 of these cute little things out of one sheet of 12x12 paper. Since I didn't have an appropriate stamp to go with the basket, I compromised and added silk flowers on either side. Very cute!

Now if I can keep from eating the candy before Sunday!

Thanks for all of your creative inspiration!


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