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March 14, 2008


Beautiful card! HA HA HA...I'm a huge Lost fan too and I am sooooo LOST!

Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you...check out my blog www.lakeshorestamper.typepad.com for the details. I love your work and your tutorials are excellent. Thanks for Sharing and for all your hard work.

OHHHHHHHH that card rocks! I've got to make one...girl your videos are awesome! I've got 5 packs of those rub ons now ;) Love them!
Have fun at both stamping nights!

Dawn, I just watched your video and it put me in such a good mood and got me very excited for my rub ons that are on their way! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and enthusiasm with all of us. You are WONDERFUL!!! I am lucky to have found you here. Have a great weekend!

love your creativity - thanks for sharing!
regarding LOST - here's my theory - Jin's flashback was from the past, not the future so he's not one of the Oceanic 6. Also I think Kate's Aaron is NOT Claire's baby, just a baby Kate had (possibly Sawyer's, which is why Jack doesn't want to see him) and then Kate named him after Aaron b/c she feels guilty for leaving Claire/Aaron behind. ALL just theories! Lovin' Lost too!

WHAT???????? I obviously am not a LOST fan hehehe, but I am a fan of your card!

beautiful card girl!

I am so Lost with Lost right now, I get some parts of the show but not others. Or should I say "The Others"
I am hoping that the puzzle pieces this season will start fitting soon!

Your are forgetting to count Sayid in your Oceanic 6. The chick he killed said he was one of them.

I am Lost with Lost too! So freakin addicted that I rewatch them all online because sometimes they are "enhanced" with a pop up on the bottom of the screen that tells you stuff. It will explain past things that are relevant to what's going on and sometimes little hints about what's to come! I think the Oceanic 6 are Hurley, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sun, and the Baby she just had. And I think Jin is dead (or still on the island...hmmmm) and that Ben somehow staged the plane crash with all the dead bodies so he could keep the survivors on his island for experiments and stuff! AND, I think Ben also stole Walt again (after supposedly letting Michael and Walt go free in season 2) and forced Michael to work for Mr. Whidman (the owner of the boat and Desmond's arch enemy) in order to do his dirty work and sabotage Mr. Whidman from finding the island. Whew! I think I'm out of comment space. Gotta go check out your video now. Happy Friday!

I don't watch LOST but I sure dure watch your blog each day. Very cute card Dawn. TFS

Your card is so pretty!! I love the shadowing you did around the rubon, and the sparkle you've added to your main image! You always make the prettiest cards, Dawn!! Hugs!

Ok, I just read your LOST blurb and totally ruined it for myself tonite. ( we tivo it and watch it the next nite.) I watched about 10 minutes of it last nite and got in trouble for being sneaky so I had to turn it off. Sounds interesting, I can't get enough of LOST,and Yes,I am also always LOST and loving it!!!!!
Love your cards by the way, Your tutorial videos really have helped alot!!! Wish I lived close by so I could come to your workshops!!!

Take care

That is an awesome card, very creative to put some colors on rub ons : )

By the way, how many sponge daubers do you have? One for each color? That will be A LOT (plus in color)...or do you just clean them up after you use them so they are good to use it again with different colors? if so, how do you clean them? Thanks!

Hey Dawn,

From your Lost blurb it sounds like you are only a little ahead of us...I thought you guys were like a whole season or two ahead of Australia!

I am soooooooo confused too, but I agree, Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6...the girl he met in the cafe and eventually killed called him that. We've seen Kate (with baby Aaron?), Jack, Hurley and Sayid so far. I think the Jin/Sun episode must be coming up soon for us.

WRT Michael and Walt...didn't the 'others' put them on a boat, told them which coordinate to follow and let them leave (this was while they had Kate, Jack, Hurley and maybe Sawyer kneeling on a jetty somewhere. I didn't think Micheal and Walt were dead...I thought they'd made it home in that boat (yeah right...AND I believe in the Easter Bunny ;-).


Your card is fantastic. Love the colours. Joan

Um, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and BEN!!! After the girl shot Sayid he went to the "vet" to get fixed up...and it was BEN! He has to be number 6. This last episode was to show us the "last" of the Oceanic Six. Now we just gota figure out How they got to choose who stayed and who left.
~Lana B~

Your card is really pretty Dawn and same as you I am very LOST!!!!
Anytime I watch the show I don't know if I will get a clue or I would be a lot lost.
Have a happy day
God bless

that's a great touch sponging around the rubon!

As for LOST, I can't seem to find the comment now but I too think Jin's was a flashback and Sun a flashforward. The headstone gave the date for Jin's death as Sept 22nd 2004, the day of the crash, but we know that's a lie, so I'm up in the air whether Jin really is dead or this is just part of the lie. That said, I feel Sun's grief was too real, so whether Jin is alive or dead I think Sun thinks he's dead.

We were supposed to know all of the O6 after this episode, so I think it is Jack, Kate, Aaron (media will focus on who is found, not who was on a seat on the plane), Hurley, Sayid and Sun. We also know Ben is off the island in the future, but he is so NOT going to be part of the O6. He's the O6+1. I think Aaron is Claire's Aaron and I'm not looking forward to finding out why they are separated.

The fake wreckage, or "freckage", in the Sunda Trench is either staged, as Captain Gault stated, or some freaky scifi thing where a duplication was made (which is possible on LOST... track down the Orchid orientation film to see). I don't know which theory to back, I keep flicking between the two. But I don't really trust Gault, because he's working for Widmore and I trust Widmore even less than Ben.

I can't decide if Michael has lost his memory or has improved his acting skills since shooting Ana Lucia and Libby. I don't get the previews with my download so I haven't seen it yet, so I don't think I can comment more on Michael and Walt... other than to say I don't Walt ending up like Anakin Skywalker... Oh, and I think the note was from Michael/Kevin.

Apparently the enhanced episodes air before the new one in the states (I'm in Aus, so I'm only going by what I read on the LOST blogs). Not sure how cannon they are though.

And you know Apollo choc bars are quite nice. Especially if you LURVE dark choc :)

Oh My Gosh, I looooooove LOST, LOL. It has been confirmed that the O6 are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron and Sun. When Jack was on the stand at Kates hearing, Jack said 8 survived and 6 made it home alive. The theory is right now that Jin and Claire are the 2 that survived but did not make it home alive. Just a theory right now. The Jin part was a flashback, hints were given through out them. His phone was years old, the year of the dragon was years ago (I forget what year, I think maybe 2000) the style clothes he wore were from years ago, his anger issue were indicitive of the pre-crash Jin and the biggest hint was that he said he has only been married for 2 months. The previews for this week said that one person will die, and showed flashes of faces, Jin among them. So I am wondering if that is how Jin dies. Just 4 more days, LOL. Micheal is Ben's spy on the boat, that is why he is there, not sure what happened to Walt. For you devoted LOST fans, check out:


This is a site devoted to LOST fans/fanatics. They have screen caps from previous episode, extended previews, every interview with actors and writers of the show....just about anything about LOST....even the whispers isolated and cleaned up to hear some of the things said. And...if you want the scoop for the next episode, they have a spoiler section where you will find out lots of stuff about the upcoming episode. The rest of the site is isolated from the spoiler section, so don't worry, if you don't want to be spoiled, you can safely brouse the site. OH...and if you have never been to the site, give yourself lots of time. There is sooooo much to look at.

Phew...back to stamping, LOL...I love your blog! I love your cards. Someone posted on SUDSOL about it and I am so glad they did!

This is so pretty and soft looking, love the bows!

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