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March 11, 2008


You are so brave Dawn, I am proud of you, hehehe. I used to have a good ole shot in the butt every month, first day of my Aunt Flo.....but I was in so much pain the shot in the butt was a piece of cake! aaaahhhh thank goodness thats all history. Love this guy, he is tooooo funny

You are laugh out loud hysterically FUNNY! Thanks for bringig a few tears of laughter to my eyes and starting my morning on such a high note {laugh...giggle...laugh}

Feel better soon.

Dawn, I love your project for today. Have you shown how to make this before? If so, could you point me to it so I can try it out??

I wish you feel better soon and will not have to use your own project for yourself!

Sorry to hear about that shot! I know those hurt bad! I am sure though your infection will clear up alot faster with that shot! Love your post today! those would be good to sell at a craft show!

You're too funny !! I would have stayed in the room with you too !!! I wish hubby was home to rub your bum for you...hehehe. I bet he wishes he was home to ruby your bum too :) I'm glad you went to the Dr.'s before the infection was any worse !!! Do something extra nice for yourself today...buy more stamps !!! I'm missing you today and wish I could hug you right now !!! Come convention time I'm gonna squeeze you for about 34 minutes...is that alright !!!

Oh my! It sounds painful just listening to it, suddenly my bottom hurts...haha! Hope the infection clears up ASAP! Glad to hear all is okay with Jessie too.
I LOVE that smile face...hehe...totally adorable!

Super cute!! I've got make one of those faces!
Sorry to hear about your leg and the shot!! hope it gets better soon!!

Bum da da bum bum bum!!!
OUCHIE brave one!!
I llove everything you make

I made that same style card a week ago using the same paper!! How funny! I put it on my coin jar for my "stamp fund" :) Too cute!

You are too funny Dawn - you had me laughing so hard, I almost had to change MY big girl panties - teehee!! I hope it feels better soon - your leg, I mean *wink*

That little holder is so stinkin' cute - love how the pick a petal is used - totally adorable!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Hi Dawn! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Sorry you had to go through the trauma of the shot. I know how bad they can be sometimes. I recently had to have a steroid shot and WOWZA! it was somethin'. Anyhoo, I was wondering where I could find the directions for the bottle hanger? It is sooo darn cute! You are just so talented and I love your blog so much! Thanks in advance!

Cute, this is a great idea!!!
OOch!!! I feel your pain. Hubby just had a shot last week for something the doctor said is going around & can be bad for ya (adult whooping cough) & he said it hurt like heck!!! Said when I go next month my doctor will probably give me one too...ugh!!!

Oh gosh -- OUCH -- so sorry!!! But your hanging thingy above is JUST ADORABLE -- I love it -- what a great idea your friend had!!!

That is so cute!!! Sorry you had to get a shot, but I hope you're doing better now!! Jessie too!! ;) xoxoxoxo


Finally got around to taking a picture of what I made. And you're right. Great minds do think alike. ;)


I am hosting and stamp camp and would like to make this bottle cover could you please send me the measurements.


Is it possible to post the measurements for this? I would love to make these for a game night I am hosting this month as a party favor :) Thanks!

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