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March 10, 2008


Clever! I guess I am making this "small" spoon my new addition to my stamping room... By the way, it's hard to find a 7 Eleven in Texas... I remember these from when I was a kid in Maryland! It was our local "hangout"...
Thanks for sharing

FAB idea Dawn! Thanks for the tip! I think I'll hit a dollar store today to see if I can find some containers to put all my glittery stuff in. Then LOOK out 7-11 ;)
Hope your Saturday event was full of fun!

Another small spoon that you can use...Go to Baskin Robins and ask for a taste of ice cream. They have the cutest little spoons. You could spend all day getting taste samples and have enough little spoons for every glitter project. Love the new photo Dawn, Rich isn't going to recognize you when he gets home!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Awesome idea!!! (I guess I'll throw away my measuring spoon and get myself a scoop straw :))))

You're good!

Oh My Word. You blow my mind at how creative you are!!! HUGS to you!

OH MY GOSH, GIRLIE !!! THIS IS PURE GENIUS !!! I'm going to get some of those straws TODAY !!! Thanks for being so kind to share that tip....you're the best !!!

Love the straw idea! I have used the sample spoons, too. My family automatically gives me their spoons every time we are out & they give us something to taste!

Great idea, Dawn! Very frugal too, I must say - we don't have any 7 Elevens any more either, but anyplace that serves Slurpees has these straws. The little ice cream spoons were hard to get out of the glitter container, but these will be much easier - Thanks!


This is really a great idea! I may do that now with smaller container it will be easier to store!

Great idea! That's one of the reasons why I visit your blog.

Neat idea Dawn! I love your tutorials. I check every day to see what you're doing. BTW, check out my blog, you've been tagged!

You're always full of awesome ideas, Dawn!! Thanks so much for sharing them all!! HUGS!!!!

great idea!! know where I can get those spoony straws other than 7-11?? we don't have any here in alabama.... :(

thanks for sharing such a great tip Dawn!! I love your blog!!

Of course I love this idea too...I got the containers 2 for a dollar at WHERE? The dollar store!!!! I live there now!

you rock and i love the 7-11 straws idea so stinkin cute!

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