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March 05, 2008


Oh Dawn you should share this lovely picture. Your right, she's a beauty. I'm sure Dad will be thinking "This can't be my little girl".

Holy cow, girl! She is absolutely beautiful! Daddy's gonna have to have a shotgun!

Wow, she is growing up and soooo beautiful!!

Wow! Her eyes look just like yours! Two beauties!

She is very beautiful, you should be very proud.

She's beautiful Dawn! Course her mama's beautiful with stunning eyes too, so it's no suprise. :)

Dawn, she is beautiful, just like you! What a photo, love it!! Thanks for sharing her with us.

Jessie is a beautiful girl....like her Momma!! ;) What a great photo!!!

Oh my gosh that is quite s self portrait that Jessie took of her self. Good Lord, she is growing up fast and she is absolutely gorgeous. Dawn, I see so much of you in her and some of her Dad too. Lock those doors Dawn, Your going to have to beat the boys off with a stick. ;)


our babies will always be our babies regardless of how old they are. She gets her beauty from her mama that's for sure!

You're right... she has beautiful eyes! AND she looks so much like you.

She is lovely. By the way, I like your new picture also. Have a great Thursday.

Dawn - she is growing up so fast! This a GREAT picture of her! She is beautiful!

Oh Dawn, she is so beautiful! Such a wonderful picture of her!!!

Wow, she is absolutely beautiful!!!

Wow! She is beautiful! It's great to look back through your blog to see how quickly she has grown and matured! :D Thanks for sharing your family with us!

thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter with us

You do have a beautiful daughter Dawn! She looks just like you.

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

What an absolutely stunning photo of Jessie !!!! She's so beautiful and even though I've never "met" her I feel like she's growing up before my eyes..thanks to blogging !!! You can tell she gets her gorgeous good looks from her mama !!!

Love ya lots :)

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