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March 08, 2008


Hi Dawn, been checking out your fantastic site for a while now. Caitlin, my almost 8 year old, loves this card. It is on our todo list tomorrow, we have a long weekend here in Victoria, Australia so lots of stamping happening. Take care Marlene

What a great idea! So easy, yet so cool! I will be making that today!!!!! You are the best! Thanks for sharing.

You are once again awesome. I can't wait to make this. As always, thank you so much for sharing. You are such an inspiration to others.

Hi Dawn...I love this card! It is so cute. I have an idea for the unused bottom part of the bag. I think it can be used to make the inside of a Genie Bag (not sure if that is how they spell it). Thanks for sharing.


I love it and will make one right away. Thanks for sharing.Lucy G

Oh how fun Dawn! Have a BLAST! Your shoebox card is fantastic!! The girls are going to LOVE it! Drive safe!

I love it. You are so creative. Thanks Dawn.
See you at a summer craft class. :O)

So cute Dawn!

Oh this is another beautiful creation!!! THANK YOU SOOO much!

That IS cute, and you are super creative for this fn idea!!!

awesome shoe box swap!! hope you had a blast meeting everyone!! wish I could be there!

Dawn...you are so creative. I love this card and I can't wait to try it!

What a great card and idea all in one :0)I plan to make several and I love your tutorials.

This is absolutely fabulous! You always make it look so easy. I am going to try one of these this weekend. Hey, why did you switch from YouTube?

Great job!

Thanks for sharing this!

it's a cute toot so far but im having problems viewing the entire video. it keeps booting me back to the beginning at about 3/4 of the way. :(

Wow! Very cool! I will have to try this!

What a great idea (and too cute with the B and bees.) Thanks for sharing your tutorials. I look forward to new ones!

Hey Dawn.. I was thinkin' (dangerous, I know)... the bottom portion of your bag (that you said to toss or use for something else) could be used for a disposable scrap bag on the table at your next WS or class... everyone tosses their scraps in it, you gather them up and just toss them at the end of the event. :) OK, there's your tip of the day. :) Hugs, Patty

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome tutorial with us. I was thinking genie bag for the bottom portion, too, but I think I like Patty's suggestion even better!
Although- if you do it at a workshop, you can do a 2-fer and make both the card and a genie bag!

First time to your blog, Dawn - link provided by Patty Bennett. Love this idea - now I have to add Dollar Tree to my list of places to go tomorrow! TFS

That is GREAT! You are so creative...it's just too cute all finished! :D

Hi Dawn...My daughter who is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator sent me some of your sites to look at...I just love so many of them...sent them to a friend down in Arizona...I live in Northern California..I love to make cards..my daughter has shown me so much...Keep those video's coming in....You are so awsome!! Love to hear you talk, too!! Cute!!
Another Stamper,

Hey Dawn LOVE the card, as always, but I have one quick change or suggestion. I just made the give card from Mary, and I was thinking if you put the demsional ont the other side of Fabulous, then the B would tuck under and hold the card closed like the gift card you did....just a thought.

SUCH a cute card. Thanks for your hard work! :0)

Too Cute! As usual a fab idea that's not too complicated for us who really like "* for dummies" Thanks again for a great tutorial!

What a cute card! Love all of your tutorials and videos. You are special for sharing them with us. Thanks! Have a ball at convention.

Oh, that si so cool! and so easy! i thought it was going to be a lot of complicated folding.

Travel safely and have a blast at convention!!!!!!

Oh, that si so cool! and so easy! i thought it was going to be a lot of complicated folding.

Travel safely and have a blast at convention!!!!!!

WOW! I just completed your awesome tutorial. I added a few things to mine but it turned out great. Thanks so much! You can see it on my Blog.

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