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March 30, 2008


thank-you Dawn for sharing this with me and making me cry this morning. It must be very hard for you with him gone. I'll pray for you that he and everyone husband's comes home soon.
I am greatful for what they are doing for us.

Again I'm sitting here bawling for you and all the men and women and children that are waiting for their loved ones to come home !! I'm so proud of you, girlie....you are my hero !!! Love you so much !!

beautiful ;|...

What a wonderful way to remember our troops. I was crying my eyes out!!! I can not even Imaging what you are going thru each day.
My prayers are with you and you family
Thank you for sharing ths wonderful tribute of your husband and family with us
Love ya!!! Patti

{{{Dawn}}} That was wonderful. I'm sitting here too, wiping my eyes. I hope that time goes quickly for you and your husband comes home to be with you and Jessie forever.
Big hugs my friend!

Okay I had my morning cry, I love that song, but the video you put together is amazing. Stay strong, your family is in my prayers.


I'm with ya girlfriend! Your video put tears in my eyes!! I even saw a couple photos I hadn't seen before...(the doo-rag picture :)) You did a great job with the video & the Cards for the troops!

God bless you and your family Dawn. I never could have imagined that learning to stamp would lead me to so many wonderful people such as yourself. You are such an inspiration in so many ways. I hope you are blessed as much as you bless others.

I would suggest you put a warning before viewing that Video.
"WARNING.....THIS IS RATED KB" for MUST HAVE a kleenex box before view.
It was beautiful..and I pray that all men and women serving come home SOON and safe.

Wow!!!!!!Sorry, can't type and bawl at the same time!

This message was brought to you by the makers of Kleenex and man I was using them. I never asociated that song with the troops before, now when I hear it I will think of the troops and you and your family. I would like to share a link to a song by a local artist .. he was a Nashville Star runner up and he created a video with our Canadian Forces:

Thanks again for all that you do.

Proud Sister to a Canadian Military Member

Dawn - WOW this is video does make you cry! It's very heart warming that you have done this, and know that Richard will be home very soon!

Wow Dawn - I watched both your video and the other below and I'm still crying. I love both those songs too. I can't even imagine how hard it must be. Thank you so much for doing all you do - we love you.
Sue R
Kelowna, BC

This is a beautiful tribute! Thanks so much for putting it together! {{{{Dawn}}}}

Hi Sweetie- What a wonderful video you made. Praying that Richard will soon be home and never leave again! Hugs to you! Kay

Holy moly - I can see why you were a cryin' mess when doing this video!

Best wishes for you, your family and everyone else who has a love one away fighting for us.

Many Blessings,

Hey Dawn, Just wanted to send out a great big hug to you. Even though we have military families in our town, sometimes I think we forget that there is a war going on, living in the Chicago Suburbs we are so removed from it. Thanks for the touching video and again thanks for your blog. I never really have time to stamp anymore but I love to flip through your blog everyday and see what I could be making. It is as close to me time as I get lately. You have done such a good job with your blog and you touch so many!!! Keep up the good work!

Great Job on that video Dawnie! XOXO

sister, what a wonderful video. I had chicken skin (goosebumps) while I watched and listened to the song. My son started singing along too. Thank you for making this. Big hugs to you and Richard - Teri

Every time i hear that song i cry. My husband just returned from 15 month deployment. I understand the sadness of deployment. I'm new to stamping and just LOVE your site!!! Thanks for all your tutorials.


I've been a fan of you and your creations for awhile. You never cease to put a smile on my face. I didn't know about the Cards for the Troops until this morning. What a wonderful way to tell our men and women in the service that we respect and value what they do. You can be sure that I will put my stamps to work so I can let a few of them know they are my heroes.

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