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February 21, 2008


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to make one.

hey girl, another awesome tutorial!! have a good day!

You are awesome! You make this look so easy...you can be sure I will be trying it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It is very wonderful! Thanks for making a video about it! You are right it's so much easier to get it this way! Cannot wait to try that!

This looks like such a fun card to make and also to recieve.
Love the tutorial!!

I can't believe I've never seen this type of card in over 10 years of stamping. It looks like so much fun! I'm going to make on right now... thanks so much for the tutorial, Dawn!

I've been wanting to know how to make one of these! Thanks for another great tutorial, Dawn - you're the best!

You totally amaze me. Your tutorials are always so helpful and inspiring. I am just a hobby demo, but you give me such awesome ideas to share with my friends. Thank you for being so caring and willing to share your expertise. God Bless

Awesome, tutorial, Dawn. I've never seen this type of card before. Kids would love this! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to put it on video.

Thank You SO MUCH for putting this tutorial together!
My daughter just got a little bible story cube that opens like this card and I was looking at it the other day thinking surely that could translate into a card!
I'd forgotten about these cards - I've got them like you as promo mailers from phone companies and stuff before.
Thanks again

Dawn - You are the best!!!

Thank you so much, Dawn. I love your tutorials. My sister Mary discovered you on the 'net. Both of us think you are so terrific for sharing/teaching all these great Stampin' Up! ideas. Many, many thanks again. Your tutorials are INCREDIBLE!!! We cannot wait for your next one. Love the never-ending card. Very clever!

thanks for posting this Dawn! I made these several years ago and had forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder! They are fun to make. You did a WOW job you your!!! Great video

Once again Dawn you amaze me. I have started watching than cutting and watching again. I love this I am folding and folding and folding and folding and LOL. Thanks again. TFS! I can't wait to give one of these to someone so I can watch them do all the folding.

Wow Dawn! I have never seen one of these before. I can't wait to try one. They look like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

This is so cool! I think I will have to wait until I scrap with my sister before I try it. It always helps to have someone else their to support me when I am starting a new project. You make it look so easy. Love your tutorials. Keep them coming! BTW, you are so funny!

Dawn, I wanted to let you know that I actually made one of these cards yesterday. I haven't had a chance to decorate it yet though. Your instructions were so easy to follow!!

I made a never ending card last night. It was hard but after I watched the video about 5 or 6 times I got it. Now I just need to get a stamp set that has lots of little images like Crab & Co. I think I will on my next order. Thanks again for sharing.

Very cool card and tutorial!! I never saw one of these before! Awesome!!!

I just have to tell you -- I made one of these using your directions. It turned out great! Thanks a bunch!!!

Thank you for a fantastic video. NOW I finally understand how to put this together! I first read about the never-ending card in a stamp magazine and their instructions had me completely puzzled. Your written instructions were much better but actually seeing how the card folds is great. I have added your site to my favorites list and looking forward to viewing your other tutorials.

Great tutorial Dawn. Can't wait to try this card.

I just came across this link on SCS. Thanks so much for doing a tutorial and figuring this out!!!

Thank you so much for showing how to make the Never Ending card simple to do. Easy once I see how it was done.

i love your card ! It's greaaaaat!!!

Oh. my, oh my,I can hardly beleive it. you are my savory! I have waited and waited for a faberiffic delicious demo like this one!! I am totally gonna make one of these beauties!!! I'm singing in the rain. Right at ya Dawn.

Thank you so much for making this in a video form. I am much better when seeing it made visually!

wow! Your tutorial is very nice. It makes it look so easy to make one!
Thank you so much for making this video tutorial!

Could you please tell me what size envelope to use to mail this card? Thank you! Love It! :)

That is so cool!!! I've never seen one of these cards before. Thanks for making the great video tutorial!

Okay, this is an amazing tutorial. I will definitely try to make one of these cards and maybe more, but I KNOW I could not even begin to do this without such a great video. Thank you so much!

P.S. Love your website.

WOW!!!! I loveeee this tutorial. Dawn, you have done just a great job in explaining and demonstrating each step to this card. What a fabulous teacher you are. Thank you so much. I am off to make these for my Easter cards :).

OH...you have the best songs & videos linked to your website :). Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace is a family favorite in our house.

Dawn, What a great tutorial. You made it look so easy! I will definately try this !
Thank You!

Linda H
Sacramento, CA

Dawn, I enjoy all of your tutorials and this one is so different, very cool. Love it!

Thanks Dawn! Great video. That looks like fun. It looks so complicated when done, but your video is excellent. I think even I can do this.
New York

I've never seen one of these before. What fun! Thank you!

Oh well done!!!! THANKS SO much.

I can do that. You made something so difficult look so easy. I could make a school picture card for Grandma. So cute.

awesome tutorial, I just made and folded 8 cards, now to decorate, I played with stampscapes stamps to do one and it really turned out neat, now to color it. thanks so much

wow! that was a fantastic video, you explained it very clearly, thanks

Yesterday a stamper at SCS linked to this Never Ending Card tutorial. I had never seen this type of card before. Way cool. I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing, Dawn!!!

Thanks Dawn, you're the best! I just posted a link here from my blog, as I used your instructions to make this for myself. :) I'd wanted to make one, and your directions were awesome.

Merci pour ce partage, je la ferai sûrement.

Is it okay if you use another size of paper at the ratio of 1x2 (LxW). So instead of using 3"x6", you use 4"x8" or 5"x10"?

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