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February 20, 2008


He is too cute. Jessie will for sure win!

No you're not crazy, I do kiss my beagle a lot,
I dont like leacking stuff
but I kiss his head a lot.
And smush him, he does this face like what are you doing?! :)

He is really cute - hope he wins! Yep, I kiss all over my doggies too!

Your RAKs are awesome, you are one lucky gal!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Your dog has such a beautiful friendly, loving face! He's soooo cute! You had a great mail day, your RAK's are so beautiful!

You silly girl.. famous.. ya right! LOL Your doggie is adorable.. I am sending him a cyber smooch!! Hope the photo wins BIGTIME!! cute! Patty

Hey Dawn,

Patty was awesome at Regionals too. I saw her presentation and she was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
Bowzer's so cute he'll win the best pic contest.


Oh, Bowser is just too cute for words. I always kiss my pup and I enjoy puppy dog kisses in return.

I kiss Dawson all the time !!! I kiss him at the top of his snout almost right between his eyes. He's just so loveable and when he looks at me with those big dark eyes...I just melt. Man..I love that dog !!!! Great mail day, kiddo !! I know what you mean about Patty...isn't she a sweetie !!!

Love ya my friend

Wow, awesome goodies girlfriend!!! Bowzer cracks me up :)))))

What would be the point of having a dog if you didn't kiss on him all the time? Duh :) Also Bowser is looking pretty svelte in that picture - from now on I am going to require that all pictures of me be taken from that angle!

I LOVE your Bowzer! And he's my favorite color: CHOCOLATE!! Yes I kiss my animals too. When I was in Las Vegas last time, I went to Viva Las Vegas Stamps and came away with a fun stamp that says -- "I kiss my cat on the lips" LOL!


Kiss your doggie as much as you want each and every day! We just had to put ours down and I miss her terribly! Give yours a great big sloppy kiss for me, would you?? What a cutie!

On a happier note....I LOVE your BLOG! I look forward to reading it every morning! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!

Yes I do kiss my boys.... I have 2 balck labs, father and son. Bullet will even give me hugs when I ask him too! I am working on Hunter to give hugs as well, thinks my 3 year old wants the hugs, so we are working on that.

Bowzer ... what a dude! Bet all of the "diva-dogs" in the neighbourhood, think so too!

Awe..Bowzer looks soooo cute!!

What awesome and beautiful RAK's!! Lucky girl!!

Glad to hear we aren't the only "strange" people around .... you know ... kissing our animals! We have 2 weiners and they are our babies since we have no children at home, but if you ask them we are their companions, we are there to do all that they need or want whenever they need or want .... did you say SPOILED? We kiss our dogs just like any normal Mom and Dad would, they need love too. Thanks for sharing your "baby" story.

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