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February 22, 2008


Only YOU could make me laugh at 6:30am !!! This card is so stinkin' adorable !!!! I love it !!! What a great way to use an already great stamp set !!!

Love ya...

These are a trip!
I going to have to let my campers make these.
Thanks for your great ideas!

Just too cute. Love the video Dawn. Great job. This card would make anyone feel better.

Hey Girl! Long time...but had to tell you how stinkin' cute this is! I think I may CASE a little and show my regular visitors and local gals...they'll love this super idea with this set! Love it!

Love the card and the video. I liked the music overlay, especially when for this card where the step are very clear. Love your choice of music. I can't wait until I get off work to make this card.

Very innovative design and the music was a nice touch (cool song!), but I'd sure miss the sound of your friendly voice if you had music every time:0)


I really love the way you use this set! Wow!




This card is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for sharing. I love the music in the background. Another great video!

I enjoyed your video, but prefer you talking and telling us step by step. Just my opinion.

FANTASTIC Dawn! Love the video!! I've seen these cards before too and been meaning to make one...now I will...lol
Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!

Love the card! Love the presentation! Love the background music!!!!

I enjoyed your video, as usual, but I will say that I miss hearing your voice on the tutorial. Just my 2 cents.

Dawn, what a great card. I love it. Thanks for the video! I don't have that stamp set, but I sure want it.

I just had to comment, I LOVE all of your ideas! You seem like such a fun person!! Have a blessed day! Nancy

Absolutely adorable. I had no idea until I viewed the video tutorial what stamp set you used (at first glance who would have figured?) That is amazing from flower petal to sad face. This will be todays project.

these cards instantly brought a smile to my face Dawn - they are so stinkin' adorable!!! I made need to CASE this!!! Great video too. *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

oh my gosh, I love this card!!! so stinkin cute!!

So much fun!!! I always enjoy your videos and this was no exception. Your love of stamping and life always shine through and it's always a pure pleasure!!! Thanks so much. Happy Friday!

Wow! You made these cards for little 'ol me? How sweet!

Can't wait, I've got the menu planned for tommorow night with the help of my mamma of course!

I have a secret, we'll see who will be the first one at the club to guess......?

What an awesomely cute card!! Girl, you are just too talented!

I love the video except, I did miss your "chatting" even though I enjoyed the music, I think I'd rather have your voice. Keep up the great work.

Jannette D.

That is too stinkin' cute!! I love it and I loved your video..great job! I must CASE this!!!!

The card is GREAT!! And your video was superb as always. I do have to say I missed your talking, though!

Very cute and would make anyone feel better!!
Love the music in the background but do miss you commenting as you go.

Cute card and great video, but I missed hearing your voice. You sound like you should be in the south where I am. Thanks for sharing such a fun card.

Cute card and great video, but I missed hearing your voice. You sound like you should be in the south where I am. Thanks for sharing such a fun card.

This card is adorable! I must CASE it!!

Now I HAVE to have this stamp set! I absolutely love this card! Thanks so much for sharing. This video was fun! I just hope you don't make all of your videos this way! We will miss hearing you! :D

In a word...."BRILLIANT"


I loved this and the music!

Your card is waaaaay cute and so creative!!! Super video too!!! I love it!!

How adorable...now I want to know how the heck you position so perfectly with a stamp positioner...I am amazed at how you hit the perfect spot...
I love how you put the cute little owl together..thank you so much for the video and inspiration.
Big hugs from Oklahoma, Dee

I meant to say in the post above...how the heck do you position so perfectly without a stamp postitioner?
Also, I miss your friendly voice...I like it with your voice better than the music.
Hugs, Dee

who knew that you could use petals like that! How cute! LOVE IT!

OHHH I LOVE THIS.. now I'm about to go and check what stamps are those I SOOOO WANT TO MAKE ONE OF THEM!!! :) You are so wonderful!! TGIF

that is DARLING Dawn! :)

What an adorable card! Who would have thought you could get a face out of this stamp set!!!

Hi Dawn, I love the chatty Dawn. Video was great, but I found the music distracting. Love the card. The colors are wonderful, just like the person who made the video!!


Dawn, this card is so darn cute! I'll have to use this idea for a workshop sometimes ... my customers would get a kick out of it! tfs!

Fun card and great tutorial, as usual, but tho I love the song you chose, I must admit I miss your voice...

Dani / Italy

How hilarious ... love these cards!

This is such a fun card. I like the music overlay for the video, but I really like when you talk to us. You crack me up and I love to hear you think outloud :)

Great card and video, but like to hear you, too! Would also be good as a masculine birthday card.

I LOVE IT! I am going to CASE your card for my downline meeting! OMG! This is the cuties card I have ever seen! THANK YOU SOOOO much! kt


Dawn, this is absolutely adorable!!! I love it! SO SO CUTE! Thanks for putting the time into this to share it with us!

Hi Dwan, what a GAB tutorial, i never would have guessed it was separate stamps, i visit your blog daily and i find you a great source of inspiration.. thank you...!!!

I laughed when I saw this & knew I had to make it. I took everything to my stamping group & realized I forgot the smile.....Oh well next week. TFS I love it!

That card is just toooooo cute. I will definately be casing it this afternoon to take to a friend in the hospital. I thought that the music on the video was great for such a fun and simple card but I did miss your sweet voice.

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