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February 25, 2008


#1 Hi Dawn,

Favorite Easter candy???Peeps, yes definately peeps. They are best when you leave the cellophane open for a day and they get nice and crusty. Have a great day and congrats on your 50,000 hits!!! (1)

#2 Hi Dawn
My favorite Easter candy are the Cadbury Cream Eggs. I love eating these as they are so gooey.

#3 oh it has to be Peeps for sure now but when I was small it use to be this big chocolate egg that when you opened it, it held 100 tiny chocolate eggs that were covered in foil. They sure don't make candy like that anymore. It lasted forever

aka TA

#4 I would have to say Cadbury cream eggs or those mini eggs that you can get. Thanks for this great chance at some yummy blog candy :)! Congrats on all your hits on your blog :)!


#5 - PEEPS!! But not to eat them. We put them in the microwave and watch them deform. That's what happens at Easter when everyone is over-loaded with food and need 'cheep' entertainment!!! ~Pam

#6 I love all of the Russell Stover candy "eggs", like buttercream, cocoonut, and strawberry whip - YUMM!

#7 Peeps, peeps, peeps!!! And I like them stale. Does anyone else like theirs that way? I open them up and let them get kinda hard. I can eat tons. (but I must admit that I haven't had one in the longest time. Thanks Dawn.

#8 Dawn, my favorite Easter candy is the old timey marshmallow center, colored eggs. I never see them anymore. They are the ones we use to hide at home in North Carolina.

Happy Bunny.


#9 My favorite Easter candy has got to be Peeps! I love them. Of course I am on a diet and will have to live without them this year;( Congrats on all those hits!

#10 WOW!!!! 500,000 Way to go girl. My favorite Easter candy is Cadbury cream eggs. Or anything else. I just love candy. LOL Great job sweetie.

#11 I love the hollow chocolate eggs the best. No contest, all chocolate, all the time.
Lucy G

#12 Howdy, Dawn, my favorite is the old timey colored candy eggs with marshmallow centers. Never see them anymore.

Happy Bunny.

Hugs to you. Judy

Thanks for all of the inspiration Dawn! Cadbury Eggs - gooey and WONDERFUL!

#14 Cadbury puts out great candy - eggies and cadbury chocolate bunnies are tops for me

#15 Dawn - Your blog is always a highlight I look forward to checking! Thanks for sharing! Cadbury Eggs here too.

#16 yummy! My favourites are Kinder eggs and Finnish jelly bean type of candy. Looove those! Cadbury dream eggs are preeeetty nice, too :).

#17 My favorite Easter candy are the mint M & M's.

#18 My favorite Easter candy are M & M eggs. YUM.

What an adorable bunny stamp! My favorite Easter time candy has to be the Reeses Peanutbutter eggs.(I know you can get the regular ones, but these just seem to have a better taste to them - maybe it's due to Lent???)Congrats on 500,000 hits!

# 20 My favorite is Reeses peanut butter cream eggs covered with chocolate of course, thank you for sharing your wonderful site and congrat on your hits!

#21 Congrats, Dawn! Your blog is awesome! I love your tutorials. My favorite Easter candy would be malted milk eggs. Yummy!

# 22
My favourite easter egg are just the small solid chocolate easter eggs. I do not like any kind of filling...
Normally, I never take part in these kind of draws, but I love, love, love the bunny stamps so much!
But even if I am not winning anything, I love your blog and have got so many fantastic ideas from it. Thank you for that!

#23 Congrats on the 500,000 hits! You go girl! My favorite Easter Candy would have to be maple nut filled choc. eggs from a local little cany shop - gotta have "good" choc.!Thanks for sharing your creations w/us out here in blogland!


my favorite is the cadbury eggs...can't wait to have one again!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Morning Dawn!! Great candy give away!! :) I would have to say my favorite Easter candy would have to be Robin Eggs, I LOVE them!!!! Have a wonderful day.
Liz K

#26 I have to say that I don't have just one favorite, I think the cadbury eggs, reese peanut butter egg, and black jelly beans! So hard to pick a favorite!

#27 My favorite Easter candy is the Robin Eggs. I can eat an entire bag in no time!!

#28--Hi and thanks for offering blog candy!! Speaking of candy-My Fav is Red Jelly Beans--Hugs Kay

#29 I would have to say my favorite Easter candy is regular ole Jelly Beans. They remind me of being a kid and being so excited about Easter, the Easter Bunny and of course, that Easter basket! Now that I am an Adult and a Christian, Easter means different things for me. It's nice to be reminded of childhood things. Thank you Dawn for always sharing your work with the rest of us. I know you inspire me.

#30 My favorite is the Cadbury - Thank you Easter Bunny!

#31 I would have to say my favorite Easter candy is regular ole Jelly Beans. They remind me of being a kid and being so excited about Easter, the Easter Bunny and of course, that Easter basket! Now that I am an Adult and a Christian, Easter means different things for me. It's nice to be reminded of childhood things. Thank you Dawn for always sharing your work with the rest of us. I know you inspire me.

#32 LOVE chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies...yum!!!

#33 That would be SOLID...and I do mean SOLID Chocolate Easter BUNNY. If I'm going for calories....I'm going for the SOLID GOLD. Thanks Easter Bunny......Kadie

34 My favorite would have to be the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Love your creations and tutorials. Thanks for sharing with us.

#35 My favourite used to be white crispie bunnies, but they no longer make them... or at least not around here. Therefore, it is a toss up between the Creme or Peanut Butter Eggs.
Just recently discovered your blog, and I love it! Congrats on all the hits!

36 got to say marshmallow bunnys, love them !! ready for the easter bunny now.

#37 Here in WI we have a "Quality Candy Shop" and at Easter they have whipped cream eggs in all sorts of yummy flavs!!!! I love the maple ones dipped in milk choc.Awesome but loaded with cals and quite worth every one!! You always make my day THANKS!!! Nancy

38 hands down, Cadbury Mini Eggs. It's the only type of milk chocolate I like, especially because it comes in that great sugar shell! thanks for sharing :)

39 Hey girl, you would think my favorite would be chocolate...but...it's the marshmallows peeps....love them!!!!
Have a great day!!

My favorite Easter candy would have to be the marshmellow bunnies. And they must be eaten in a certain way and order. Ears first, then remove the face, and then the head, and lastly the rest of the body. Strange I know.


I think I'm number 41. Hi Dawn you sweetie you! I love chocolate covered eggs with buttercream centers. Woo Hoo! Pick me!

#42 Congratulations on 500,000 plus hits!! I check out your blog all the time! My favorite Easter candy is the malt eggs.


#43 I am so glad that I found your blog. It is so inspiring, fun and creative. I love the video-tutorials and how you are always willing to share your templates. So congrats on hitting 500K.

My favorite Easter candy are the peeps, but only after they have harden up in the open air for a few days. I know a little strange - but yummy!

Favorite Easter candy? Easy- Cabury's mini eggs!! Yum

45 I love Love LOVE chocolate covered marshmallow eggs at Easter!!!!!

Congratulations on all of the hits!

#46 Wow 500K! How awesome is that? Well, rather, how awesome is God?? Hats off to your accomplishments. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing your daily post. Favorite Easter candy would have to be peanut M&M's. Have a blessed day!

Love your blog and visit you every day. Thanks for the chance at the cute stamp and glue. Cadbury eggs have to be a favorite Easter treat followed closely by Starburst Jelly Beans.

#48 - My all time favorite Easter candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. Congrats on the 500,000 hit - love your blog and all the ideas you share.

#49 My favourite Easter candy is Purdy's Dark Chocolate Bunny. Their chocolate is soooo good...yum! Congrats on your 500,000 hits!!

No 50 My favourite easter treat is secretly eating any of the childrens chocolate eggs when they have gone to bed - hope they don't catch on now they are getting older - naughty mummy - other peoples chocolate always tastes better than your own.

Love your blog

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