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February 13, 2008


great project Dawn! Go check out my blog. I gave you an award:)

What a sweet hubby you have.... I bet you cried when he ask you, did you?
Cute little candy holder!!
Have a good day!!

Well Congrats on the "engagement"! :D That is so sweet! I can't believe it was HIS idea! He must be one great guy. Do you have an idea where you want to go on your honeymoon? My husband and I did the all inclusive thing (in the DR) for our honeymoon and I would highly recommend doing it! It was so nice not having to worry about paying for meals or drinks or anything! Anyway, I love this Valentine and I can't wait to watch the video!

Yes, please do share the video! That is sooo sweet!

What an awesome Valentine's Day gift! I couldn't think of any more romantic gift than that. You are so lucky to have a man with such sacrificial love for you!!! (Eph. 5)

All I got last year for our 20th was a card just tossed on the bed while I was in the middle of packing to go up north for the Labor Day weekend. No kiss, No hug, No presents, Nothing, nada, zip! I can understand we didn't have any extra money, but he could have at least spent the night with me in bed, kwim?

What a romantic husband you have!! To think of this on his is the sweetest!!
Congrats on 20 years together.

What a romantic husband you have!! To think of this on his is the sweetest!!
Congrats on 20 years together.

Oh, how romantic! What a guy!

These are darling Dawn! I made the lollipop ones and posted them on my blog and linked your blog so people can check them out too! These rock!


This is so lovely! I like those a lot

Contratation!!!!I have been married for 35years, and on my 25th we went to Hawaii. We are planning on Alsaka for our 40th.Can't waite!!!!! What did you color you mouse in with and the heart?

Congrats! That's wonderful. I love your cute creation.

Congratulations. I hope you have a beautiful reneway of your vows at church.

These are so adorable...and I should know, 'cause I have one. ;)

That is so wonderful and romantic that Rich has asked you to marry him again! Hugs!!

Wow! All that I can say is "What a Guy!"

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