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January 03, 2008


Dawn...you are just soo cute! I loved listening to your accent!! :-)And the tutorial was fabulous! Thanks for making it. Happy New Year!

What an AWESOME idea! I've got to try this. By the way I am deaf so visuals especially in videos are VERY HELPFUL! If there were any tips you included in the video that I might have missed (audio) please include them in your blog so I can appreciate them too! You are appreciated for your tips and your beautiful artwork! Happy New Year.

Great video, I have wanted to try a bow but just didn't want to sit down & figure it out....you solved my dilemma. Thank you! Love the tip at the end....great idea!!!!!

Awesome tutorial!!! I'm sooo happy you have this on your blog, now I know where to find it whenever I need it (I've lost my directions, or they could just be filed, to me that is lost hee hee).
Love how you had to step away...you know how you said "hold on", you've said that to me on the phone before...it was like deja vu. Great job!!!!

LOVE these bows Dawn! Fabulous video! Love your little accent too...hehe!

Thanks for the tutorial! This was pretty cool! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was surfing blogs before Christmas and found the directions fro this and forgot to write down WHERE I saw it and have been searching for it ever since! You've saved the day!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Dawn. I hope you continue with the tutorials because they are awesome. I love the step by step as I am more of a hands on learner than having to read directions.

You are such an inspiration and I appreciate you. Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for the bow tutorial. It looks like you've made lots of these - even with the little pause it was a smooth transition!
Sandy Kay

Thank you for another great tutorial! I must try one of those bows today...they look so easy now that you have showed us(me) how to do them.
Can't wait for the next "how-to" lesson!
Sharon Canter

What a beautiful bow! Great idea! thanks for the video, it's such a great help!

Great video! WOW!!! It is so funny to put a voice with your face. Love your accent too!

Hi Dawn

This is AWESOM!!!!!!! I love it, and will be trying it out today.
Love that your voice actually matches your bubbling personallity.


Hi Dawn,
Love your blog, try to visit you every day!
Thanks for the tutorial, gonna have to try it!

Great Dawn! You make it looks so easy.

Big hugs, Sharon

WOWZA, Girlie !!! Great job !!! I've wanted to try these bows and your tutorial was amazing and so easy to understand !!! Thanks for the great tips too.

You rock, girlie !!

Wow that was great and I can't wait to try it.

AWESOME GIRLFRIEND! Thank you so much! This is great! kt

Dawn, you rock! I loved watching your "how to make a bow" video. I never would have gotten how to make it without the video you made for all of us. I am so excited and will try like heck to make one tomorrow. Puleeeeeeze make more video's Dawn. I Loved it. Oh and it was so neat hearing your voice. Your accent is adorable. :)


Just saw this video tutorial today ... WONDERFUL ... I am a visual learner too. Thanks for sharing it! Karen

How awesome is that! Thanks for the tutorial, keep on creating!!
Ann :)

Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing, I am going to make one RIGHT NOW!!!

Dawn - I just love this video. Writing directions for these bows was very difficult and I can't beleive how easy your video made these. I have just posted a link to your video on my blog www.murdock.typepad.com as the treasure of the day. Thanks so much!! i would love to chat with you about how to make a You Tube Video Tutorial--- Thanks for the inspiration

Love this; you've made it soooo simple to create bows to match your project!

I'm linking to this kewl tutorial on my blog: http://debneerman.blogpost.com.


WOW, thanks for making the bow making so easy!! I've tried this before and never had success, now I've SEEN it done. Thanks so much.

I always wondered how to make those darling bows but never took the time to figure it out myself. Thank you for taking the time to teach us. You give great tutorials!

Thanks Dawn, I love this video, as much as all your others. Thanks for doing these tutorials, as I live in Bali,Indonesia where there are no craftshop, neither stampers and classes. It is so much appreciated,

This was just too much fun to make and how simple! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Here is my bow that I made if you would like to see it. :o) http://pixiedreamdesigns.blogspot.com/2008/05/cute-bows.html


Thanks for the idea. Your video was super helpful.

Thank you so much for this. I am busy making bows now!!!!

Awesome, thanks so much for a wonderful tutorial!

Loved this idea!

You did a great job on the tutorial!!! Keep posting some, they were AWESOME!!!
Thank you!

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