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December 07, 2007


That was so good Dawn! He sounds like such a terrific kid! Thanks for sharing & helping me put Christmas back into perspective. How very true that is & I think this time of year we all seem to lose the true meaning of Christmas. We get caught up in the hustle & bustle of it all, we need a little more (maybe alot more) of a jolt to wake us up & get the real meaning of it all. Don't you think?

Bless his little heart and Family too...

Oh dear, I am crying, he just breaks my heart. what a wise boy he is!!! Now I gotta figure out how to pass that along to my whole family. thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!! love ya

Watching the Master Craftsman

Working out my Salvation

On the Anvil of Faith

From the mouths of babes....what an incredible reminder through the wisdom of a child.

thanks for sharing this honey...

Wow, I have goose bumps. That was truly an awesome video. TFS. And, thanks for standing up in your belief to share this style of video. You rock!

This is so special, Dawn! Thanks for sharing! (Okay...where are my tissues?)

Wow, it's amazing how much we can learn from kids! How wise is that young man! My tissue box is calling my name!!

That happened on the morning show of my local radio station! Isn't he just a DOLL??? And so wise! I love how the words are there. Dawn, that was beautiful... thank you!

That's just what I needed to hear this morning Dawn - thanks. I'm off to get some tissues!

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