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December 18, 2007


My favorite Christmas memory is sharing it with my mom. When I was growing up mom couldn't drive so every Christmas eve we would get on the bus and go into downtown Cleveland. We would shop, get some food at Woolworths, see the display windows at Higbees and of course visit Santa.
Thanks for giving me a chance to share a memory Dawn! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

My favorite memories are from childhood. I have 2 sisters and five brothers and Christmas was full of laughter and fun. There was always some one to play with. I loved going out to ride on the sled or to make a snowman. One Christmas we all got gloves and boots. We couldn't wait to get outside to try them out. Thanks for sharing the blog candy. Mary

my favorite memory was the Christmas my nanny and mom had made me a bunch of barbie doll clothes and I wanted to show my best friend. It was about 7:00 in the morning, I walked up the street to her place. Our road was very quiet, snow was gently falling down. I stopped and looked up as the snow hit my face and I started humming Silent Night and I can remember and never forgot that feeling of Peace on Earth. I was 10 years old


My favorite memory is of my youngest son and his motorized truck. He was 4 and wanted a motorized truck- he had sat in them at Walmart and "drove them". Well, Christmas morning he hopped right in, put the pedal to the metal- yes the battery was conected- and went flying through the living room! He would have taken out the Christmas tree if he had not run into the couch! The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say it took a few days to convince him to get back in the truck to try it out!

Wow Dawn, what a giveaway. I would love to have the Fresh Fillers set as these sets are so handy. Thank you. My favorite Christmas memory is the year that my grandpa lifted me to look out the window to the fields beyond the farm house where I got to see Rudolph in all his glory. I could even see his red nose. I was such an excited little girl--maybe 4, I don't remember that. Anyhow, what fun my grandpa had with me and I just drank it all in!!!

My favorite Christmas memory is going downtown to see all of the store decorations and than going to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and hot chocolate. Me and my siblings would lay in the back of the station wagons with pillows and blankets. NO carseats can you believe.

My favorite memory is the first Christmas I was away from home. My boyfriend was away on TDY (military) and wasn't going to make it back. His friend helped me get a tree, and decorate it, we planned Christmas without my bf. But, my boyfriend hopped many flights and made it home. We have now been married 29 years!!!!


Oh my goodness! That was my FAVE DP back in 2006...I still have the odd piece in a drawer...hehe!
My favourite Christmas memory as a child was when we'd go to my Grandparents house and my Aunt would dress as Santa. She'd bring in some presents for us grandkids. I remember when my sister discovered it was HER and NOT Santa, she'd forgotten to take off all her rings...ugh! LOL! For years she did this for all the kids...it was GREAT!

I loved to decorate the tree with my mom each year. Since my brother and stepdad weren't so interested in that task, we would spend a day decorating, chatting, remembering the meaning behind each ornament as we put it on the tree. Now we live states apart and can't always be together for that activity, but those are fond memories!

My favorite Christmas memory is acting out the birth of Christ with my siblings. I was always Mary and my oldest brother was always the donkey!

My favorite Christmas memory is always spending the whole day with only the immediate family, playing games and just enjoying each others company. TFS

My favorite memory is just being with my family. This is the first year that my husband, baby and I will be by ourselves without either of our families around.

My favorite memory is of my parents working together to build a cresh (that can't be the right spelling) for our nativity set. Dad built it and mom carefully decorated it with little shingles she made and moss from the craft store. It was beautiful.

My favorite memory was going to the tree farm and finding just the right tree to cut down! Though I have not done that every year, we have still gotten a real tree!

My favorite Christmas memory is the one where we totally suprised my son with the guitar he had wanted for so long We hid the box in the kitchen and sent him in there after all of the rest of the unwrapping was done! He was so happy!

My favorite Christmas memory was when my brother and I got matching red bicycles for Christmas. My daddy was so excited about teaching us to ride that he was in his pajamas and robe ALL DAY - Yes, he was out front and the neighbors were teasing him about it, but he couldn't care less -- he was enjoying his time with us too much. I won't ever forget that!
Susan in TX

Wow! There are so many great ones to choose from. I just remember going to my Grandparents house on xmas eve and eating shrimp w/cocktail sauce, new york sharp cheddar and little dill pickles and watching 9 news (Colorado) for the progress of Santa over the globe! I am not sure they still do it, but if they do I feel like a bad mommy for not sharing that with my kiddos....of course that might be because we start watching A Christmas Story at 6pm that night!!!

My favorite Christmas memory...well, "favorite" may not be the right word, but a Christmas I'll always remember from when I was younger was waking up sick on Christmas Day! I could hardly open gifts!!!

My favorite memory is of the years spent going to our church's candlelight service on Christmas Eve. It's always beautiful.

My favorite christmas memory is the year my husband was home from Viet Nam and I was pregnant with our first child. All seemed right with the world! Thanks Dawn for this generous give-away!
Mary Puskar

The memory that stands out the most for me is decorating the tree with my Mom and having to put tinsel on 1 piece at a time. It took forever but was just gorgeous when finished. And of course, removing that tinsel 1 piece at a time and saving it for the next year.

My favorite Christmas memory is the one I am carrying forward with my grandkids....We would gather to make a gingerbread house and frost cookies with my grandmother. I now do this with my own grandkids-the only new thing I have added is to send to them a picture of a crayon gingerbread house - which they color and bring with them on the day of our event and that admits them into the party. It is fun to see how their colored pictures have changed over the years. OH WHAT A MEMORY. Thanks Dawn for this generous give-away and for your GENEROUS SPIRIT-you are truly like NO OTHER! Kadie

My favorite memory as a child was sneaking into the tree in the wee hours of the morning to see what was under the tree. It was always SOOO difficult to wait until 4:30am or so when we could go in and call my grandparents and have them head over to watch us open our presents.

As an adult, I think my favorite Christmas memory is Christmas Eve, when we focus on the true meaning of Christmas...we read the Bible story...put up our fragile Nativity scene, and sing the Christmas Carols that talk about Christ and His birth. It brings such a beautiful feeling into our home.

My favorite memory of Christmas was while I was growing up. We always went to the Chritmas Eve candlelight service. It was so peaceful and beautiful and full of the true meaning of Christmas. After that we came home, had hors' dourves and were allowed to open one gift. If my dad had to work the next morning we got to open them all. Thank you for your generosity. Merry Christmas.


My favorite Christmas memory is .... wow some many to choose from! How about the time my boyfriend gave me a box of Cracker Jacks for Christmas! It had not been opened (or so I first thought). Inside was the Cracker Jack prize package with a blue Linde Star Sapphire ring. He totally faked me out.
BTW - I did eventually marry him!

I don't have one specific memory but when I was little we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve. So, Santa would always come when my mom took us to church for candlelight service. I remember when I was old enough to actually be allowed to hold the candle! I was so happy! We would always look for 'rudolph' on the way home from church too. And we always found him. It wasn't till I got a little older that I realized it was a blinking light from a nearby tower! Ahhh, the memories! Thanks for a chance to win!

I don't think I have a specific Christmas memory Dawn. I love watching our kids, even as teenagers, and the joy and anticipation of the holiday! Merry Christmas to your family!

Really, I think it is just the time I spent with my family...especially my grandparents! Great candy so far girlie!

My favorite Christmas memory is as a child we had a tradition that stems back to my mothers childhood. At exactly midnight (Christmas) Santa's bell would ring and all five children would run down the starts to see if we could see Santa take off in his sleigh. The excitement was tremendous. One year my sister actually saw Santa leave out the back door. We were all so excited. That year he left us a beagle puppy. Memories as a child can be so amazing. Our family still keeps this tradition all of our families go to mom's house the children go to be and Santa's bell still rings at midnight. Happy Holiday to you and yours and may you have many holiday memories and traditions.

My favorite Christmas memory.... ummm.... Christmas!! I love everything about Christmas! From Decorating the tree to making holiday cards and baking. And the part that makes all the extra stress worth it... seeing the excitement on my girls' faces when they get up on Christmas morning and realize Santa has been there!

Have a very merry Christmas and thanks for all of your inspiration!


Dawn, my favorite Christmas memories are of going to g'ma and g'pa's place for Christmas. My g'ma passed away in Sept and we were very close. This is going to be a tough Christmas without her. She loved Christmas (well actually anytime family got together) and always had games for us to do.
PS. Love the new look to your blog
PSS. I nominated you on another blog as my favorite site to come and see tutorials. Hope you win!!

My favorite memory is: When my Grampa & 4 Gramma's (2 Great) came over for dinner every year. We used to sit around after dinner and play cards. They even allowed us kids to have a glass of wine with them. They are all gone now, but I can still remember it like yesterday. Live each day like it is your last, because you never know what the next year will bring.

Mine would be going into the basement to find my very first 10speed bike before I became a teenager and my Dad was still alive to celebrate with.

I think my favorite Christmas memory is when I dressed up as Mary and held a doll next to the stable in our front yard. I was about 8, it was cold and I don't think anyone saw me but I remember wanting to do it to feel what Mary felt.

My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was a little girl. My dad dressed up as Santa and went up and down our street visiting all the kid's houses and handing out (pre-arranged) Christmas gifts! I was so proud of him!

One of my favorite memories is of having our "Christmas stocking oranges" late on Christmas Day. Mom would peel the oranges and give us each a tin with powdered sugar and we'd sit around and dip our orange slices in powdered sugar and have a yummy snack.

The best thing was spending time with family. now everyone is busy with their own life, its not every year that we can meet! I love the warm coziness I used to feel with all the family around, sweets, and cakes!

My favorite Christmas memory is the year I recieved boys long johns. I was very excited about the "Pocket" that they had. Have a Merry Christmas! Tina P.

WOW you ROCK! You are in the Christmas Spirit! Love all your giveways. You are always so sweet to your readers.
My fav memory is...
When I was little and I wanted the Suzy Homemaker Oven and Santa brought one to me. I was so EXCITED!!! My little sister was turning 1 year old in a few days and I made her first cake with it! I thought I was the coolest cake maker EVER!! The fam still talks about it and it was the perfect size for a 1 year old. Ok you are probably thinking how about the rest of the family...Ok my MOM had a cake for everyone...you don't think the cake I made feed everyone after the birthday girl had her hands in that little I made.
Thanks for a chance.

I have so many from when I was a kid that I can't choose one but I remember two years ago my daughter was almost 4 and her aunt and grandma bought her a bike. Because there was no real way to wrap it and they didn't want to just leave it by the tree they decided to play a little game. So they put sticky notes all over the house each one leading to the next. My daughter was SO excited about the game and the notes she didn't even realize that the last one was taped to her bike. She was completely oblivious to her present she was still looking for the next note. Hilarious! Thanks Dawn for the chance to win - great candy! Merry Christmas!

My favorite christmas memory is the last spent with my Uncle who died the next year unexpectedly. I just remember how happy and funny he was that Christmas.

My most favorite Christmas memory is from when I was young and my whole family would get togther at my uncles for Christmas eve. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - EVERYONE! Sadly over the years the family has spread out so much that we no longer all get together.

my favorite christmas memory is going to christmas eve worship together with my family. and eating hot soup right after the service. :)

I don't have a lot of happy Christmas memories growing up but when I adopted my family at age of 17 I learned what a family is and the desire to want to be aound each other always especially at Christmas. I am making memories with my own family now. It is not anything unusual but my family know they are loved.

My favorite Christmas memory is from my childhood. It happened every year. My sister, brothers and I would sit at the top of the stairs with my mom. We were waiting anxiously for my dad to finish checking to see if Santa had come that year. We would hug each other and giggle and squirm until my dad said "He's been here!" Then we'd run downstairs. I just remember that wonderful feeling of anticipation and sharing it with my family

One of my favorite traditions is midnight mass and putting all the beautiful ornaments madr by my mom on the tree.

I didn't really celebrate Christmas when I was little (I am from other country), so my memory was very recent....my favorite one was seeing my then 2.5 year old daughter got up in Christmas morning, and was so fasnating by the lit up Christmas tree and opened the presents.

When my grandfather was alive, we used to go to his church every Christmas Eve to hear him sing in the choir for the Christmas Catada. January 1998 was his last Christmas. He had a brain anurism a few days after Christmas. We all miss him so much.

what a great prize! Who doesn't love SU paper? ok, back to the question - my favorite Christmas memory would have to be when my daughter was 4. She opened a box that contained a pair of white boots and ADORED them so much she refused to open another thing! I could have saved myself a whole lotta money if I had only known:) TFS

Playing a board game and then at midnight go to church. The whole family was there. It was snowing and the walk to the church was fun and full of laughter. kt

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