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December 19, 2007


Hi, I bet a word you say all the time is something nice like sweetie.....My word of the day is COFFEE.............

FABULOUS! have a bad habit of saying this 24/7 ... or maybe it's 24/7... hmmm

oh no.. hmm.. I am not sure if I have a word that I keep repeating at the moment. Maybe 'no way!' :).

hmm- at this time of the year and having 3 kids... I think the word I say the most is "No"- not a very festive word, but I am sure other Mothers find themselves saying it a lot also.

I find myself saying fabulous also to the point where one of my friends commented on it and now I am more aware of it and don't say it so much. I guess it was my enthusiasm taking over! Thanks Dawn.

I have to admit it's CRAP. Guess it could be worse. Maybe I'll put that on my New Years resolution ha!

I find myself saying "Cool" alot.

Jannette D.

LOL...well all my American friends say that I say "eh" a lot! I don't notice it so much but I do say it...haha!

We'll having 3 boys in house, I constantly find my selft saying "BOYS what are you up to now" :lol: the answer is usually "Nothing MOM" you can just never be sure what they are up to!! but no complaints they are a joy to bring up!!

TFS another great blog candy prize! Stamps, is there anything better to win? (other than DP, tools, etc) LOL
The word I find myself saying more often lately is YES!! I'm finding joy in little things I never did before and I just blurt out YES!! with that downward fist gesture that goes along with it LOL!

"Seriously?" That seems to be mine...or I say, "Are you serious?"

More sweet SU candy! I'm playing for a chance.
My word would be:
CRAP! I know that's don't the best word, but I use it a lot when stamping...ok and some more I shouldn't use.
Thanks for a chance.

Awesome seems to be a common thing for me to say!

Mine really is a phrase, "driving me crazy". I use it so much I catch myself saying it and can't believe how many times I will say that.....maybe there is some self help book out there I need to invest in for this :)

I just asked my husband as I tune out most everything that I should be paying attention too LOL. He says I say "Oh my golly" .I know my mom says it a lot too, so I blame her.

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y - I am absolutely going to put this on my New Years resolution list to STOP saying.

Happy Holidays

I say a lot "I don't think so" so much that I have noticed my neice had started saying it and now my daughter.

Wowser! I used it all the time in teaching...it says it all!

Mary Jo

"Not right now!" I have 2 boys and this is very popular for me. hee hee

It's more of phrase "that's so funny." I catch myself saying it all the time. Love your blog by the way

I say DUDE all the time. Thanks to my 13 year old nephew.

"NO!" i have a two year old, you see....lol!
thank youfor the opprotunity to win your candy!
regina cornelius

The word that I use quite often would have to be, "really?". I know, I say it way too much, but it just comes out. Thanks for sharing!



My 5 year old grandson repeats things I say so apparently I say 'actually' a lot! I also must comment quite often on how many red lights we have to stop for while driving around town!

Its gotta be "go fly kites"
mostly coz of my younger bro who wants to use everything on my desk! and this is what i keep telling him!

Thanks Dawn!


The word I find myself using all the time is "awesome".

Great blog candy Dawn! I say "cool" a lot when I'm stamping and doing different techniques. It's like I can't believe the effect I get from some things! Thanks for your generosity Dawn!
Mary Puskar

I think I say "no" a lot. Especially to the kids. I have got to get out of that habit!

My favorite is sons of bunnies
or cheese and crackers


My phrase is "You've got to be kidding".

I guess mine would be REALLY!! or after listening to my kids tell stories its blah, blah, blah blah.... ha ha!

I find myself saying, "Hang on!" or "Just a second!" way more than I would like to...it seems I'm always having to refocus what I am doing or saying.

"O.K." I guess that's a word? Well, I find myself saying that to myself (and friends) all the time! Why?
I don't know, but I guess its O.K.!

"Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn", jk......

Actually, my son tells me that I need to get something new to say besides, "'Ya Think?"

I always respond with "really?", so much so that if I don't say it, my 4 yo ds reminds me!

I always say, "cool".

I don't usually listen to myself much so I don't think I can answer this one. And the cats are not talking.

I'm always saying "oh ya"... constantly... probably drive everyone crazy with it, but oh well!



AWESOME!!, is what I always say. Talk to you tomorrow. Thank you Dawnnnnnnnn!!

well i guess mine would be PEACHY KIN O NIFTY.

I find myself saying "perfect" for almost anything. Yes, even when it is not. Maybe I am trying to convince myself everything will always work out. Well, sometimes it is just "perfect". Happy Holiday

I say Great quite often, with or with out the words "That's, Job, It's", oh and sometimes "That's really great!"

: )

I most often find myself saying "IZZIE!" Izzie is our 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy who is very mischievous :-)

GOOD GRIEF! Now my kids say it.

My word is WHATEVER. I used it all the time, as sarcasem,when I am angry,just kinda slips out!!LOL Thanks for the chance

"Quiet!" I have two busy boys under 4! And I'm a stay at home Mom. I just need some quiet! :)

"Sweet" I find myself say tht allot.

"Sorry" is the word that comes out of my mouth the most.

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