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November 10, 2007


Those headsets are so cool! You just clip your phone to your belt and walk around! Fantastic...have a great day at your workshop! I made those little York Peppermint Patty holders yesterday to give out at my workshop...the girls will love them! Thanks again for sharing it!

Now! That's what I'm Talking about... Way to go girlfriend...
This might become contagious...

I love your sense of humor! I have one but my phone is starting to loose it so I will have to get a new phone. I will keep Angie and her family in my prayers! Hugs.

I want to call you just so you can use it!!!! We'll remember Angie and her mom in our prayers! Have an awesome weekend!

Very cool! Anything that keeps you stampin' is a good thing. ;)

Hope your workshop goes well today!

I became a headset convert after I had my daughter. I could change diapers and everything while chatting.

You are just so funny! and I think I need to get a stampin' tool just like that, I'm thinking it would make a perfect stampin' Christmas gift for myself.

Your blog always makes me smile.
Thank you :)

Oh My...I can't even tell you how many headsets I have gone through...I talk to my sister and niece while I stamp all the time. Its gotten to the point that I HATE ever having to hold the phone to my ear...I even use a blue tooth for my cell phone...

And to think some people gave me a hard time about wearing my bluetooth for my cell ph! multitasking rocks!

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