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November 30, 2007


Dawn this card is soooooo cute. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations.

Soooo cute, Dawn!! Hey, I finally posted your card on my blog :) Come see! I'm sorry it took me so long! And thank you again for sending me your first creation :) ((hugs!))

Also, I wanted to check if it's OK for me to post a link to your blog? You have lots of great stamping tips that I'm sure people love to read :)

Super cute card Dawn! I love the idea of pre-stamping them on vellum and it's ready to go with your SAMJ...saves sooooooooooo much time!

Thanks for the *fabulous* tip! How cool are you!?

Not only do we share a love for our Lord, stamping, and the color purple, but my son will turn 13 on December 1st! :) Happy Birthday to Jessie & Seth! (My oven has been on for over an hour waiting for me to mix cupcakes but where have I been....HERE, LOL!!) Love your tips for All in the Family, too!

What a great idea!! Number the stamps and number the vellum! Why haven't I thought of that before? Thanks so much, Dawn, that will be terrific to show my customers! The perfect stamp set to use a stamp-a-ma-jig on and the perfect way to keep organized! Hmmmm, could we attach an envelope to the box to hold them in?

Enjoy your weekend! I hope you were as pleasantly surprise by the retired list as I was--I only 'lost' 13 sets (besides the hostess sets).

What a wonderful idea and one I will be definitely using as I have only just received my set in the mail yesterday. This will make using this set so much easier - thanks heaps for sharing this great idea!!

OMGosh! I think I just jumped out of my skin!!! I am going to HAVE to do this with that set!
You're too clever!

OMGosh! I think I just jumped out of my skin!!! I am going to HAVE to do this with that set!
You're too clever!

Sorry for the duplicate post. Computer froze and aparently it's not good to bang on the keyboard. sigh.

Your card is soooo cute! Thanks for the great tips too!

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