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October 08, 2007


Good morning from beautiful Nova Scotia. Just wanted to say that I mounted those 2 sets the same way and they work great. Surprised my youngest daughter with the the sayings set and kept the Christmas one for myself. Have a great day! PS I read your blog every day and enjoy it tremendously!

What a great idea!! Will need to share that one with my customers!!
Have a great Monday!! xoxo

Love the ideas for the leftover blocks -- THANKS so much for sharing!!

Big hugs and smiles

Wow, what a job to cut all those out. What a great tip for finding mounting blocks. TFS Dawn!

Good Morning Dawn!

Thanks for the reminder about doing this...I've been meaning to do it for awhile now.

Have a fantastic Monday!

Dawn Thanks for the great tip on the blocks at Wal-Mart. Hope mine has them. Super Idea!

This is a great idea!!! I wanted to get that set but didn't because of the way it was mounted. But I did get the Festive Favorites awhile back and it is so hard to stamp. This will help so much!!! Thanks again for sharing this. I have to go to Wal-Mart today anyway!!! :)

glad the blocks worked for you! I first bought the dominos to mount mine and then I saw them being mounted to square dowling.. So I bought the dowling but My DH doesn't have a saw! lol (I think I need to get him one for Christmas!) So I saw the janga blocks at SuperStore and bought them... but those blocks were too big! so I ended up going to my dads house and he cut the dowling for me! woohooo! I was just mounting my So Many Saying last night :P (oh and my boys are playing with the janga blocks! lol. and I might use the dominos for stamping on and making magnets!

Oh my gosh, Dawn! This is perfect! I need to go to Walmart. *wink* Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a great Monday!

What a Wonderful idea!!! Cheap too...

Lisa B <><

Hi Dawn, We are such fans of your blog, What a fantastic idea with the blocks. Thanks for sharing, jenny x

WOW, that is so great of an idea that is getting shared and passed around to all those in need.

Hey Dawn! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!! I cut my stamps apart too and I used it with an acrylic block and tack 'n peel...this idea is way better! TFS! Aloha! Teri

Thanks for the great tips! That is awesome that you got 48 stamps for that great price!

What a fabulous idea Dawn!! I need to do this so I actually use my so many sayings set *wink*


OH MY GOODNESS, Dawn!!!.....What a rock-a-licious AWESOME idea!!!!...More BANG for your BUCK, I always say!!!

Okay - Miss Enabler you've convinced me to actually to to Walmart (which I hate because I spend more time standing in line than I do shopping and no one is friendly) to go get these blocks and re-mount my Festive Favorites and So Many Sayings! Oy! like I don't have enuf things to do today(wink)
Hey - what do you think of this MI weather? 90degree weather in October - Only in Michigan!
Have a super day!

You are so smart girl!!!! Great idea...off to wally world today!

Oh dawn...you are too kind to us...sharing all of your secrets...

I have been wanting to remount my Festive favorites since last year when I got it! Yippee...and So many sayings is coming to my door stop on Friday. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Dawn,
I ran out to Wal-Mart yesterday and thought they didn't have the game. I almost gave up. They are remodeling and making it a Super store, so everything is moved around. On my last trip trough the toys aisles, I spotted it. The set, two craft knives and extra blades made the trip to Atlanta with me. I'm at Sarah's and was greeted by two of the 3 cats. DGS are in school, so I don't get to see them for awhile. I still have cards for the troups for you. Will email you when I get home and we can set a lunch date.

Hugs, Sharon

Thanks for the great idea. I went to Walmart and got the blocks, and mounted them last night!!!

Thanks for the great tip, Dawn! I went out yesterday and bought the blocks. I can't wait to get them mounted! You have a great BLOG.....thanks for sharing all that you do!

I guess I know where I will be going! What an awesome tip, thanks much!
Ann from Illinois

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