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October 04, 2007


God is so Great! I am happy to hear that prayers have been answered for you and your husband. May God grant him journey mercies and a hedge of protection until he is back home to you.
I love your dog Bowser. We have a chocolate lab named Boston. He will eat anything (not by our choice). Boston ususally hangs out by the high chair and snatches anything in his reach.
Love you blog and reading your updates. The card posted yesterday was so cute. Thanks for sharing.

just stalking your blog as usual (from Edmonton, Alberta Canada) and noticing your tree root problem. We live in an old neighbourhood wih very mature trees and have to have the lines 'roto-rooted' out every year. The city covers the cost because it isn't our trees, but the boulevard trees. I'll get to the point though - last year they gave us the option of 'foaming' the lines with a type of herbicide that the tree roots don't like. It acts as a deterrent and the tree roots may grow back, but at a much slower rate because they don't like the foam. I wish i knew the name of the foam (i can ask hubby if you'd like, he might know because he's a certified arborist 'tree guy'). Maybe it would save you the pain of every 6 months! Maybe your guys will know about the 'foam'. toodles! Thanks for the constant inspiration - you are a very talented lady!

Praising God with You....Our God is an Awesome God!!!

Lisa B <><

Too funny on Bowzer! Our dog Shadow (black Lab) LOVES corn too! I've called him a corn dog on more than one occasion! When we have corn on the cob, we usually throw the cobs in the garden and he always snacks on a few! He's been found snacking on field corn at harvest time too-the combine always leaves some for him to find!

Hey Girl!

Happy to hear that Rich is doing well and that he's living in better conditions! Hope that you are able to at least have internet back and forth with him soon!!!

LOL @ the corn! Oh my! haha

Enjoy your TV night! I'm watching my OILERS!! Gotta love hockey season!


so cute - your doggie eating corn on the cob!!! tee hee... good to hear that Rich is in good care.


my dog eats corn the same way-when I tried to give him a cob, his eyes got so big and then he almost cried when I took it way, so I held if for him as he delicately chewed the sides. dogs are so funny.

OH my girls : soo glad to see Bozwer isn't the only one eating corn on the cob Hee! Hee! Thank you so Much for your continued prayers for us and all our troops. and thank you dreena for the info about the tree roots situation What a pain those are ..
You all are the best and I soo appreciate all your comments and visiting every day ..
Many hugs and Kisses
Dawn Griffith

Amen to that, Praise God, he's an awesome God and he's so good to us! I'm so happy that your husband is doing well .... I love that your Bowzer eats corn, my parents's dogs love corn on the cob and Fritos corn chips ...

WOW, how awesome is that for Richard and for you to feel so proud, rightfully so!

Hi Dawn, I stumbled upon your site ...just want you to know that I'm sharing in your excitement..it is always exciting to have God use us to advance His kingdom. Isn't it?? He is always looking for willing participants..and He has found one with you and your hubby! YEAAAAHHH!!! I don't think it's prideful ..because the Glory goes to God...you are happy and joyful and wanting to share this awesome news!!!:o) So we celebrate with you!!! Praying for protection for you and your family...asking God to continually bless you and use you both ..for His glory.

My Sheltie eats corn too...isn't it cute how they use their little front teeth to eat it?

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