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September 18, 2007


So glad you called the bug man...now you can sleep in peace. It will take awhile before your comfortable enough not to look anymore, It will just happen & you won't even notice, till later that your no longer looking. Love that card by the way!

Good morning Dawn!

I'm happy to hear you have your bee/hornet problem under control...darn pesky things eh?!

That card is so cute! I can see glitter when you make it bigger...Love how you put it in the cats hair even!!! haha!

I love these crisscross cards too! I'll definitely be making a ton of them. Although they do use quite a bit of CS.

have yourself a GREAT day!

This is such a fantastic criss cross card -- I love that stamp set!! So glad to hear that your fixed your bee problem!

Awesome! I can't wait for Friday!!!!!!! I was so so hoping you would do a criss cross as one of our projects. Glad to hear you're bee free too. Don't forget if you happen to get stung, tape a copper penny to the area for 15 minutes and it draws the stinger out as well as any poison.

What a fantastic card!!!! I think I will CASE it!!! So happy to hear your bee free...hee hee.
Have a super day! xoxo

Oh darn, I really want to come to the meeting now! I want to learn how to make this card! Glad to hear that you called Orkin to get rid of the bees! Now you can sleep much better!!

Very cute! I love it.

Love the pp's and colors you used!!! this is so cute!

Stinkin' Cute, Dawn! STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

Stinkin' Cute, Dawn! STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

Stinkin' Cute, Dawn! STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

So glad to hear the bee problem has been taken care of and you don't have to worry about getting stung again.

BTW, you've been tagged, girlie! :) morningglory68.blogspot.com

Your card is so cute, Dawn! I love the set you used and the awesome Halloween paper! You did such an awesome job with your Criss Cross!!

I'm so glad you are bee free! ;)

Love Love Love this !!! Great job GF !!!!

this card is awesome... maybe I can use for my session this weekend. thanks for sharing the link, gf!!!


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