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September 02, 2007


I'm so happy you got a new computer! Yea! But you KNOW I am a photo editing idiot.... LOL :) Hopefully you get it figured out soon. I wanna see how cute all of us are XOXO

Yah! Congrats on the new computer! What a GREAT husband!
I use PaintShopPro. I've been using this for years. I started with version 5 and now have 10. I LOVE it. I can make my own banners, watermarks, anything really! I may have got my latest version at Costco. It was a year or so ago. Good luck finding something! Enjoy the holiday!

Whoohoo...new computer! Love it. Be patient with Vista, once you get used to it, you'll love the operating system.

I have Elements, 4.0, and I love it, but if you get Elements, be sure to get 5.0 or perhaps wait for the new version release. (I don't know exactly when that will be) 4.0 works really slow with Vista. I don't think that 4.0 is all that compatable with Vista...even though it works, it's painstakingly slow. I wanted to buy 5.0, but my DH (a computer guru) said that I should probably wait now for the newer version.

Also know that there is a fairly large learning curve. It's an awesome program, but it's a little difficult to learn (uh, at least it is was for me).

Have fun with your new PC. :)

oh yay!! I love new gadgets!! Sounds like a really cool gadget for you!! how fun...

i have photo shop element - not sure what it's full capacity is, as I'm a new user of this program as well. But so far, everything that I've done has worked for me. we can learn together... =0)


I'm sorry I have no photo/computer advice but can only say I'M SO
H-A-P-P-Y because you're so happy !!! What did Rich say when he say that you had lost all that weight???? Keep lovin' each other !!

love ya..

Congrats on the new computer. I know it will be an adjustment, but you'll love it. I bought myself a new laptop back in March which has VISTA on it and I love it. No real problems. When I set it up, I wasn't able to find drivers for my camera and my printer, but for some reason, they still work just fine.

For photo editing, I just use GIMP 2, which is a free software program. I couldn't justify spending a whole lot on anything else, as it does everything that I need it to - cropping, watermarks, etc. You can find it at www.gimp.org Have fun with your new toy!

Hi Dawn, glad to hear you are having fun with hubby home AND a new computer, aweswome! I use photshop elements and I LOVE it! It is what I use to upload all my files to my blog - just remember to save what you want to do to the desktop or a folder in JPEG cuz you cannot upload directly from the program (format) but this is true for most programs and we all usually save our pics somewhere anyway. I love it though and would not trade it in for anything else! It does EVERYTHING!! HTH! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Hey Dawn, It's so great to 'hear' from you!! I'm so happy for you getting a new 'puter!! I still haven't, but I'll know who to come to for questions. *wink, wink*

Thanks for sharing all your fun with us!

1st let me say how happy I am that your hubby made it home safely. 2nd- congratulations on the new puter - how exciting 4 you!

3rd I use Photoshope Elements 5.0 and I really like it a lot. Just recently I downloaded some free digi scrapbook kits and using PS Elements I made my own title bar for my blog. It really was fun and Photoshop Elements comes with tutorial to help you figure things out along the way. You can pick up PS Elements 5.0 at Costco for a good price. My hubby bought mine last Christmas for a discount from Best Buy. I think Costco will be your best deal. Any way - I hope this helps and good luck with your decision!

Glad your husband is home safe and sound! Your faith through that entire process was amazing to read about;)
Congrats on the new computer! I also use Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and LOVE IT (also got it at Costco). It is worth the $$, and it's not even that bad compared to other software out there. It will definitely do all you want it to and more.

I recently came across this online photo editing site: http://www.picnik.com/

I haven't tried it yet, but it's an alternative to purchasing expensive software.

Congrats on the new computer!!!!! You are so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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