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September 01, 2007


Good Morning!!!

WOW! As soon as I clicked and your page and the pic loaded I wanted to cry with you all! That would have been my reaction seeing him walk through those doors too! How exciting having him home with you girls! Thanks for posting some pictures. Enjoy your time.
tons of hugs

He looks so handsome! I can't wait to see him. XOXO

I am just so happy for you both that you are together and celebrating this holiday weekend!! Hugs to you all!!

I am so excited to see your awesome photos! What a wonderful homecoming!! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to your next post!

Big hugs!!!

Oh sweetie, I teared up reading this - so happy to see Mr. Rich home with ya - I'm sooo happy. =0) I hope you all have a great time together!!!!

Hugs & Smooches!!!

I'm so happy for all 3 of you & glad that your having a great time! *Hugs* to all of you.

Oh how fun! Looks like you're having a blast! So glad your hubby's home!

Talk about Happiness coming through in your post!! Wow, I am sooooo glad for you. Enjoy every moment. Hugs.
Cheryl Sims

Dawn you and Jessie look so beautiful. Rich looks so handsome. All of you look so very happy to be together. I am thinking of all of you and I hope that you all share every minute of yout time together. :)

Gosh, thanks for sharing your homecoming! It is so nice to share in your excitement. Have a GREAT time!

I didn't cry...very proud!! You look BEAUTIFUL, Dawn- a sight to behold! I'm so happy for you to finally have him back!!

Great photos, Dawn! Thank you for sharing them with us. I'm so happy that Rich made it home safely. You all look so happy. Enjoy your time together! :)

Your hubby's back!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!

You guys look so happy together !!!! I'm so excited that you're having a great time and I'm sure you're also looking forward to some just "hanging out together" time too !! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I'm VERY proud of you for staying away and just batheing in all this time...good girl !!! We can all wait for you to come back...AFTER RICH LEAVES AGAIN !!

I love you...Corinne

YAY!!!!!!!! I am so glad he is home. Enjoy all your time together!!!

Hi Dawn! I had goosebumps reading up on your hubby coming home!! So glad he arrived safely and that you all are one big happy family together again!! Sending you lots of hugs & aloha your way!! XO, Teri
P.S. BTW, I followed your pop up card tutorial and LOVE it! See my blog for the posting of my card. Thank you!!!!

I am so glad your hubby is home! I check your blog often because I love your work. And when I read that he was headed for Iraq. I really felt for you. So now I can say YAHOO for you. He is finally safely home. Enjoy!

So happy for the safe return of your husband. You handled the separation with panache, now go and just enjoy each other's company!

Did Jessie's nails survive until he walked thru the door? What did he think?

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