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September 09, 2007


Wow! You did have a busy weekend! Now I feel horrible for keeping y'all up late Saturday nite. We had a great time too, hopefully your right ear still has hearing LOL. Sarah and Jon look so adorable. Makes me wanna cry again just looking at them. Us cousins certainly do have great taste in men! Boy does Jon, Rich and Kirk look hot! XOXO

wow what a busy weekend you had! I am sure you enjoyed every minute of it! enjoy today with Richard just know he will be back soon!

Dawn, how about a lunch date Wed or Fri this week? I have lots of cards for the troops. Hope to see you soon.

Hugs to all of you, Sharon

Good morning!

Fantastic pics of all of you! So happy to hear you are all keeping busy and enjoying your time together!

I'm so excited that you are all having an amazing time together !!! You two are just the cutest couple and it's obvious how much Rich loves you...you can see it in his eyes !!! As always....run over and hug your hubby :)

Love you so much..

Hey girlfriend...wow.... looks like you guys are staying busy!! Everyone has big smiles on their faces....even bowzer....I'm so happy for you! love ya!

Hey - haven't commented in a while - but wanted you to know I'll be praying for you! You have amazing strength and courage - I'm not sure how you do it!! I think I would be a mess yet somehow you seem to pull through!!
I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and praying for you.
Blessings Dawn!

I'm so happy that you all are having a great time with everyone! Keep on thinking positive thoughts, I know it will be hard for awhile when he leaves but know that our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. If you need to talk or vent send me an email, I'll be there. Take care.

all your pictures are so awesome capturing the fun you had this past weekend.

glad to hear you made use of every single minute since time is so precious as they say it's the one thing you can't get back once you've spent it.

I love all your pictures, and really appreciate you sharing them! So much fun!!

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