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September 21, 2007


good morning (but you know I don't like being awake this early) hee hee
Cute card, need to find the time to give Jan's idea a try! busy day...pray for me....love ya

Good Morning!
I like that idea for a card! I'll have to try that! Your card is so cute! I didn't order that set and I'm kickin' myself now...LOL

Great job braiding her hair! LOL my part in Chloe's hair is ALWAYS crooked but at 8 she doesn't know how to look at the back with two mirrors ;) haha

have a great day!

LOVE these tent toppers, Dawn! They are just adorable! Beautiful braids too! I wish my 4 year old would sit still long enough for that! :)

Cute, cute card - and great braids!

Dawn, this card is so cute. I have printed out the instructions for this card to try. I can't wait. Take care and have blessed day.

I can not wait for the day when Analynn will not scream when I touch her hair.

Oh Dawn...I love your ghostie card!!! So adorable!! I still need to try one of these JanTink Toppers sometime. Way cute!

Jesse's hair looks awesome! I used to love when my sister braided my hair this way (she's a beautician, but lives in KY now).

Have a great day GF!!

All that work, and she's taking it down? mmmmmmmmm, sounds like my daughter wanting just the waves. Can't wait to see you tonight at our fabulous club meeting!

thanks for sharing this gf, i think i will use this as one of my projects for my session coming up! Jan makes everything look so much easier to accomplish, huh?!


I love this card! Super Cute! Thanks for sharing.

Inky Hugs,

I love the card. Did you take a picture of Jesse's wavy hair this morning?

I love this card so much !!!!! Absolutely adorable and so if Jessie's hair !!!
Hey look at that...we're already into only 2 digit numbers till Rich comes home....yeah !!!

love ya tons

CUTE CUTE CUTE I don't remember seeing one with the hole cut out or maybe i just couldn't tell. Love it.

This is adorable!!!

I totally love the card. I must try that. You did an absolutely fine job on your daughter's hair. And, if you didn't say about the crookedness, I would not have noticed. I should show you what my crooked looks like...you would think I'm drunk. When her hair came down, I bet it was beautifully waved....Must do a follow-up and show us. Thank you for sharing.

OMG! This Halloween card is just adorable! Love your use of DP!

I love your card Dawn. I have not tried Jantinks card yet but will as soon as I have enough time to do one. I love looking at all of your cards. You certainly do inspire me.


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