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September 03, 2007


Your moms card is so pretty. What stamp sets did she use for it?

Happy homecoming and Happy Aniversary!! Your mom's card was beautiful and I am so happy that your hubby made it home safely. Do you live in Ohio? You talked about going to Cedar Point and I live in Ohio also so I was just wondering. Enjoy your hubby and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!!

We are all adorable (of course, wink wink)! Gosh does Kirk look short! I'm so happy Rich has joined those of us who love that sweet little brown and yellow flower. If you wait till next spring, I'll give you a cutting off mine.

Make sure you tell your mom the next time she complains about not making beautiful cards that she puts mine to shame! It's gorgous!

Your updated photo is real nice! Love your mothers' card and how it sparkles. I'm so glad you're enjoying all your time with your DH after being away so long. have a fantastic week!

Good Morning!
That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of you! It's so nice to see all your other family treasue photos too!

Both of those cards are STUNNING! They have made me want to pull out my glitter now ;)

Hope things continue to go well for all of you!

Congratulations on your Anniversary. Having your hubby home right now must mean so much to you. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. I *love* your new pictures Dawn. You look so very pretty. :)


Happy Anniversary and the cards are beautiful! As is the new photo for your blog. ;) So happy to hear hubby was able to transfer your photo editing program. Saving money and your sanity by not having to learn a new program...gotta love that! Was Bowzer excited to see Rich?

Dawn - your new picture is GREAT! and I just love the pic of you out to dinner for your Anniversay! Your mom's card is awesome! You taught her well!! Enjoy the rest of your time with Richard!

Your cards are pretty BUT your new pic is beautiful! Congrats on your weight loss Dawn and I am very happy for you that your DH is home - I remember when I came home from Iraq - it was the BEST feeling in the world to be back with my family! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Hi Dawn! Love your new pic!! Also love the cards you posted...mom's card is so pretty! (me and pink!). Aloha! Teri

Luv the new picture Dawn! Those cards you got are awesome!!!

Hey girl,
I've got soooo much to say.....love your new picture....you are so stinkin cute!!! Happy anniversary!!! So glad to hear you have photo editing software & you didn't have to buy it...I've been without it for 5 days now...I'm so lost!!! Tell your hubby hello and we're glad he arrived safely!! Have a great day....miss ya....xoxo

Beautiful cards!! Those are some great pics you've shared! You're looking so happy and healthy...and beautiful!

I'm so happy that Rich was able to load your photo software for you too!

I've been meaning to ask what kind of computer you ended up getting. I think I will be shopping for one soon.

So glad your hubby is home! Thank God! Take care!

I keep forgetting to ask if Richard recognized you at the airport or even saw you since you've lost so much weight and your knee was all healed up? mmmmmmmm I bet he was speechless........

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