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September 12, 2007


Dawn, thank you for sharing your story. I have diffently been where you are. My husband was there in 2001-2002. I still have a son that is in the Army and he just got back in June. I just balled like a little baby when they all marched in. I will diffently keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, your cards are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. Talk to you soon.

I see the counter is back :( This is the hardest day - once it is over, it will never be "the day after he left" again. Sending good vibrations your way!

Hey girlfriend!! I'm so glad we had a chance to talk today and figure out our computer stuff...keep your chin up and remember we love you and are praying for your whole family!!! Can't wait to see your new watermark...go stamp something girl...it will put a smie on your face! love ya!
p.s. you changed your picture again...or am I in the twilight zone? hey wait a minute, you cleaned up your blog...awesome!!! (you're not going to tell me it's my computer that makes it look different, are ya?)

Just wanted to send another hug my friends...

Dawnie is trying to sugar coat what Rich thought of her when he saw her!!! I asked him the other day what his first thought was when he saw her at the airport and he says "She is HOT!!!" Direct quote!

We miss him already Dawn. We're here if ya need us. Hoping Jess made it to camp okay and is having a great time. For the record, my backyard light stopped working again today (I KNEW it was gonna happen)!!! My "Rich-do-list"..... stay home so my light keeps working! LOL XOXOXOXOXOXO

The kids are back to praying for him at dinner. I wonder why they pray for him only at dinnertime?????? LOL

Good Morning Girl!

Sorry that you all had to go through that again. Saying goodbye must be one of the most difficult things to do. I can only imagine. I will definitely keep everyone in my prayers. Sure do wish I live much closer so we could get together and stamp. I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful creations real soon!
Big hugs

This is such a difficult time for you I'm sure. Saying good-bye is never easy, but just cry whenever you have to and don't feel bad about it. I know soon enough you'll find your way back to where you want to be. You share such personal moments on your blog I feel I know you well. Big hugs going out to you today - you must know that there's a whole network of readers out here that care and wish you well!! Have a better day today than yesterday!!

Hi Dawn,

Angie told me that your hubby went back to Iraq. I thought he was home for good! Hang in there! I truly believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. My husband and I had a long distance relationship before we got married for 5 years! I saw him once a month! We ended up getting married! I will keep your husband in my prayers!

I started prayed for your hubby before he left and I promise to continue praying until he is home for good. It must have been incredibly hard to have him leave. ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))Sue

Luv the new picture of you on your blog! Hang in there girlfriend, we are praying for Rich & your whole family. I remember that feeling well when we sent my son off, so know that we are all here for you. Hugs to you my friend!

Hey there Girlie,

Just sending you tons of hugs your way. My best friend from HS was just told he will be going back in January. You look fantastic.
Love and Prayers your way,


Sending big hugs and lots of prayers, sweet Dawn!!

I know this is after the fact, but the "Thought for the Day" on my Pria nutrition powerbar (carmel nut brownie) is:

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to your courage

How strange is that? It is so appropriate and I just picked one out of the box without reading thru them.

You know I'm here at the office anytime you need me, right? Right!

You would have been proud of me, I made 3 cards at lunch yesterday from my simply sent kit.

Today I have my hostess set to cut out (don't yell at me too loud) since I haven't had the time to get around to it.

Take care................xoxoooooooooooooooooxoxoxoxoxoooooooooooxo

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